Olympus E330 now in stock at PC

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Tropical Treat, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. The new Oly E330 is in stock today at Photo Continental in Brisbane. $1550
    for the body alone is not exactly cheap but the pictures it takes are not
    crap either. This is the one with a Panasonic sensor. The old Kodak sensors
    in the E300 had real problems with highlights. It's impossible to tell today
    (overcast raining) if this one really has addressed that problem but it sure
    looks like it has.
    Tropical Treat, Mar 2, 2006
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  2. Tropical Treat

    p*ssedorf Guest

    I might be wrong, but I thought the Panasonic sensor was the one used
    for the live view, not the imaging sensor? In any case, I'm very
    interested in this beastie!
    p*ssedorf, Mar 2, 2006
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  3. Tropical Treat

    hyperoglyphe Guest

    I liked the weaselspeak "Worlds first* variable angle LCD monitor"

    I thought: 'hang on, my Ricoh RDC7 from March? 2000, had one.'

    Until you link through to the disclaimer page:

    "Among interchangeable-lens-type Full time Live View AF digital SLR

    Made me hit the close button real quick.

    hyperoglyphe, Mar 2, 2006
  4. Tropical Treat

    Guest Guest

    LENSES <product.php?productid=1123&cat=271&page=1>

    Guest, Mar 5, 2006
  5. It's always good when someone posts a link like this! LOL.
    Tropical Treat, Mar 5, 2006
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