Olympus Evolt E-410 or nikon d40x

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by hsambaraju, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. hsambaraju

    hsambaraju Guest

    hi,i am a novice, rookie or whatever you call in photography.but i
    like photography, and love to take pics.(specially my adorable
    daughter).i have always used point and shoot dig cameras nikon coolpix
    5.1 and currently i have canon snapshot 7.1.i also have a fully
    automatic olympus SLR film camera.that's my only expertise with SLR
    cameras.now i want to upgrade to a dig SLR. AND I AM CONFUSED.
    i have 3 products in mind and i dont know what to go for.
    1.Olympus Evolt E-500 DSLR Camera .8.2 mega pix w/Two Lens Kit
    (14-45mm / 40-150mm for $599.( the price looks just right,and
    tempting,also with new feature they say dust reduction technology.

    2.Olympus Evolt E-410 DSLR Camera w/Two Digital Lens Kit (14-42mm /
    40-150mm) 10.2 mega pix.for $899.
    (live mode,dust reduction and high ISO are its prominent features,they

    and finally,
    3.Nikon D40x Digital SLR Two-Lens Bonus Outfit (18-55/55-200) 10.2
    megapix for $949.

    i am not able to make up my mind and i dont want my investment to go
    bad because i would never want to spend this kind of money again on a
    camera again atleast for the next few years unless i hit a jackpot

    please suggest....
    hsambaraju, Aug 23, 2007
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  2. hsambaraju

    deSmo Guest

    You can find Nikon's off eBay pretty cheap. I have purchased my last 2
    nikon cameras there. The advantage of the Nikon is the plethora
    of lenses available for use.
    deSmo, Aug 23, 2007
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  3. hsambaraju

    Hinkle Guest

    Keep in mind that:

    Your present external flash (if you have one) may not work on a DSLR and
    digital compatible flashes can be quite expensive (so I've found). And if
    you upgrade to another DSLR (same brand) you may also need to upgrade to a
    new flash.

    Lenses are expensive too, can you reuse your present lenses on the new

    Nikon repairs can take what seems like forever. As the man at the shop
    said, when explaining why my D-100 wasn't back after 3 months, Nikon is a
    relatively small company with a large market share.

    If I hadn't already been committed to Nikon, by virtue of having a small
    collection of digital-compatible Nikon lenses, I would have gone to Canon.
    I know from experience that their repairs and service are pretty quick.
    These days, I think that maybe I should have just "bitten the bullet" and
    gone to Canon anyway.

    Hinkle, Aug 23, 2007
  4. hsambaraju

    Joel Guest


    Pointing your browser to web page like

    www.stevedigital.com (I may have this wrong and could be

    And spend around 2-4 months to gather as much information as possible
    before spending your hard earned money (especially energy) on thing you may
    later regret).

    www.photo.net doesn't have friendly interface like most regular forums,
    but you often get more professional/honest answer here than many others
    those sometime like more WAR than true info. But in general they are good
    sources of information.
    Joel, Aug 23, 2007
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