Olympus Focus Stage & Rail Wanted (Macro Rail)

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by PixelPix, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. PixelPix

    PixelPix Guest

    Hi folks,

    I am chasing a second Olympus Macro Rail to update my homemade pano-
    head to something a little more hi-tech.

    I managed one off eBay Oz for $50 recently, but a second is proving
    rather elusive. If anyone knows where one is hiding please let me


    PixelPix, Apr 14, 2008
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  2. PixelPix

    Zot Guest

    PixelPix wrote,on my timestamp of 15/04/2008 7:53 AM:

    Photographic Trader?
    Zot, Apr 15, 2008
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  3. PixelPix

    PixelPix Guest

    Have been looking there.... but you know, I bought the latest a day or
    two ago and totally forgot about it. Der!!!!

    Now where did I put it???
    PixelPix, Apr 15, 2008
  4. PixelPix

    Zot Guest

    PixelPix wrote,on my timestamp of 15/04/2008 8:13 PM:
    is it out already?
    Darn, gotta swing by the newsagent
    tomorrow morning!
    Zot, Apr 15, 2008
  5. PixelPix

    PixelPix Guest

    It's the March-April edition, so a bit old now, but still the latest
    for a couple of weeks.
    PixelPix, Apr 15, 2008
  6. PixelPix

    PixelPix Guest

    Oly bellows would do also. ;-)
    PixelPix, Apr 16, 2008
  7. PixelPix

    Rob. Guest

    So what's the setup like then and how are you calibrating it?

    Rob., Apr 16, 2008
  8. PixelPix

    PixelPix Guest

    Here's a pic with my single row bracket attached to put the cam into
    horizontal posi.


    I don't actually use it like that, I was just having a play.... when
    used like that it creates a little flex in the main bracket, so
    normally the cam would sit in portrait orientation direct on the macro
    rail and this eliminates the flex, thanks the center of gravity being
    not so far out.

    Calibrating...... the horizontal off-set that allows for the
    "base2lens axis" distance was simply measured and the mounting hole
    drill accordingly (allowing for macro rail). The vertical height to
    the macro rail can be anything and I have simply allowed enough room
    for the rail to rotate through a full 360 degrees.

    The nodal points (as adjusted for with the macro rail) have been found
    by conducting tests and comparing near and far objects with changed
    camera rotation. Once found, the offsets for these have been marked
    on the rail.

    I want the second rail so that I can use it (base & rail only) as the
    bottom arm of the large black angle. I intend to machine an alloy
    bracket that mounts as the vertical arm to hold the top most macro
    rail. This will make for a lighter/stronger setup that can be adjust
    for different "base2lens axis" distances.

    BTW... as you see it, if I remove the large black bracket and place
    the macro rail direct on the tripod, I have a single row pano head.


    PixelPix, Apr 16, 2008
  9. PixelPix

    Zot Guest

    PixelPix wrote,on my timestamp of 16/04/2008 8:25 PM:
    Wow! Impressive.
    Ah, OK! Makes sense. Tried similar setup
    once and it's just too much to keep steady
    with a heavy camera+lens.
    Zot, Apr 16, 2008
  10. PixelPix

    Rob. Guest

    Thanks that's where I'm sort of up to. Just looking at your solution to
    see if you solved the problem. Guess not :) at this stage.

    I have mounted the rack on the tripod and next getting an Al angle.
    Looks as if your right angle brackets are a bit light for the camera. My
    intention is to get a 120mm x 6mm thick, angle then machine it up with a
    steady at the lens end.

    The biggest problem is to anchor the camera and stop it pivoting around
    on the bottom mounting hole.

    I pulled out some Mamiya brackets to use - without success.

    Rob., Apr 16, 2008
  11. PixelPix

    PixelPix Guest

    It's strong enough for the 1DS2 when not configured with the second
    small bracket. (as I mentioned... the small bracket is not part of it
    anyway, its a "separate single row" pano bracket.)
    I have used adhesive camera seal foam between the small bracket and
    cam (when configured in single row mode) and adhesive camera seal felt
    between the macro rail and bracket.... so nothing moves unless the
    mount screws are loosened. The macro rail comes with a rubber mount
    for the camera, so that stays put also.

    I got the foam and felt in a kit off ebay for 10 bucks. I resealed my
    OM1 and still had more than enough to do the pano head.
    PixelPix, Apr 16, 2008
  12. PixelPix

    Mr.T Guest

    You don't expect to get that lucky twice do you?
    I'm sure the many other brands would do the job nearly as well.

    Mr.T, Apr 17, 2008
  13. PixelPix

    PixelPix Guest

    I am hoping too :) ...but realise I will need to pay the going rate
    which seems to be 100-120 at the mo. (am watching one on eBay)

    I have been looking at some Canon and Pentax ones that are quite
    similar and would do the job, but being a anal retentive retard my
    first pref would be to have ones that match... just so it looks like a
    complete & planned "unit". lol
    PixelPix, Apr 17, 2008
  14. PixelPix

    M J Wyllie Guest

    Hey Rusty, I have just received a 4-way focusing
    rail from Link-delight.oz , which I purchased from
    ebay. It looks real plasticy on the ebay pic, but
    is actually a quite sturdy all metal construction!
    I bought this after reading your Pano-head
    article. Here is a picture of the bracket I
    whipped up.


    The bracket itself is strong enough & I have
    rubber coated the underside & face where my camera
    mounts to. I have also welded a little side piece
    on the bkt to stop the camera moving, but the
    rubber does hold everthing quite still!

    Thanks for the advice, can't wait to get out & use

    M J Wyllie, Apr 18, 2008
  15. PixelPix

    Rob. Guest

    Looks good its those holes in the bottom of the camera nowdays which are
    missing, these stop the camera twisting. Noticed your little side piece
    to stop the twisting.

    Wonder how much there selling the Manfrotto pan head for in Australia.

    Rob., Apr 18, 2008
  16. PixelPix

    PixelPix Guest

    Thanks for the report on that one... I was only looking at that this
    morning thinking I could use it, but not knowing how well it was built
    was an issue.

    I see that you have set it up as a single row pano head. When I was
    considering it, my plan was to remove the top slider and mount it
    sideways on a bracket that bolts to the bottom slider. That way nodal
    rotation could be done in two axis for multi-row panos.

    Looking at the break down images here http://tinyurl.com/4blr5s it
    seems to be suited to making a multi row.



    PS: I hope this post is not formatted to wacko and actually gets
    through. I am trying something new to bypass the Google issue at the
    PixelPix, Apr 18, 2008
  17. PixelPix

    Rob. Guest

    Pixe> rotation could be done in two axis for multi-row panos.



    Check the price difference.
    Rob., Apr 18, 2008
  18. PixelPix

    M J Wyllie Guest

    M J Wyllie, Apr 18, 2008
  19. PixelPix

    Rob. Guest


    Sorted out my mounting bracket which is solid and functional.

    Manfrotto camera mount plus a 5/8" rod 150mm long, brazed onto a plate
    into which I tapped a hole, to mount it onto the rail.

    Lot less effort than what you have and no need for a second rail.

    There you go thats cryptic.

    Rob., Apr 21, 2008
  20. PixelPix

    PixelPix Guest

    Any pix?
    PixelPix, Apr 21, 2008
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