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    GIVE ME LIBERTY of the EP-1 OR GIVE ME DEATH of the EP-1 speculation &

    I suggest a Phone & Fax campaign to the Olympus offices to let them
    fully understand the PASSION of their customers for the LATE E-1
    replacement Camera.

    Olympus needs to give us FIRM evidence of what will become the E-1
    replacement, squash the rumours, and allow us to save money to aquire
    it before the date of release.

    Send your local Olympus office a FAX on July 4th & then PHONE them the
    next day requesting a reply to US, their Vauled Customer.*

    Can't afford long distance charges? Print out a letter & send it to
    the Sales or Complaints departments. Send Olympus Japan a Postcard of
    where in the world their Customers live & use their equipment.

    Are you a member of a different photo forum? Post this idea there &
    ENCOURAGE all Olympians to respond to the call for INDEPENDACE from
    ignorance of when our next purchase will be & of what.

    Want examples of People Power:
    -How was the 1st Space Shuttle (OV-101) named?
    -How was Classic Coke brought back?
    -How was the TV show Jericho renewed? (with NUTS!)
    Google them & see

    So use a BIG pen & a LITTLE of your wallet & show Olympus, WE WANT

    Thank You.

    Peter James Neal

    * eMail don't count because of auto-responders

    Ps. one needs to have read the E-P1.pdf to understand this post :)
    Attewells, Jun 28, 2007
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