Olympus IS-50 QD SLR Vs Minolta Maxxum 50 SLR

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Yenky, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. Yenky

    Yenky Guest


    I am a beginner in photography and am wanting to buy an SLR camera.
    The follwoing two cameras fit my budget Olympus IS-50 QD SLR & Minolta
    Maxxum 50 SLR. Any ideas, which one to choose, are welcome. The Sigma
    SA7 is also close to my budget but I had read some -ve reviews about
    it. BTW I am able to spend ~170$ for body + lens.

    Tnx in advance.
    Yenky, Oct 29, 2004
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  2. Yenky

    me Guest

    Let me be the first to commend you on your decision to buy a film camera!
    Your ability to cut through the hype surrounding digital and get right to
    the very best part of photography practically guarantees (IMHO) that your
    photographic experience will be most rewarding.

    Unfortunately I have no personal knowledge of the cameras you mentioned. :-(

    *VERY IMPORTANT NOTE* The Olympus has (I believe) a fixed lens. This will
    severely limit your ability to upgrade your capabilities in the future and
    IMO negate one of the most useful and significant aspects of SLR technology.

    As an alternative to your choices may I humbly recommend my favorite
    manufacturer, Pentax. The ZX-M is a manual focus camera capable of fully
    manual operation which would provide you the opportunity to learn all of the
    most important aspects of photography IMHO.

    ZX-M at B&H:
    ZX-M st Adorama:
    The body is also available without a lens providing you the freedom to make
    that choice yourself
    Body only at B&H:
    Body only at Adorana:

    Please note that this is a *very* popular item as evidenced by the fact that
    it sells out regurally IMHO.

    May I also suggest that in addition to new cameras there are many fine used
    film cameras that can easily meet your needs and last a lifetime (or several
    for that matter). Of course I understand perfectly if you would prefer a new

    Good luck and congratulations on your thoughtful insight and discerning
    me, Oct 29, 2004
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  3. May I suggest the Maxxum 5. Correct me if I am wrong, but the Maxxum 50
    is the crippled Maxxum 5/70 and the price difference isn't much. I just
    bought a Maxxum 5 off eBay for $90 (thanks to the $100 rebate on the
    300D) plus a Tamron 28-200mm LD IF Super lens for $60 from KEH Camera
    brokers. A new maxxum 5 body is for $119 at beachcamera and buydig.
    Hope this helps,

    Siddhartha Jain, Oct 29, 2004
  4. Yenky

    Paul Guest

    Why not a used Nikon or Canon?
    The way the film cameras have dropped in prices, you could possible get an
    F70 or EOS 300.
    Both easy to use and with nice features.
    Paul, Oct 29, 2004
  5. Yenky

    Magnus W Guest

    Correct, and seconded. A Maxxum 5 with a 28-80 is a better combo than the
    Maxxum 50 with a 28-100.
    Magnus W, Oct 30, 2004
  6. Yenky

    Alan Browne Guest

    Me three.
    Alan Browne, Oct 30, 2004
  7. Yenky

    measekite Guest

    I would either buy Nikon or Canon. Choose carefully. Then as time goes
    buy make an investment in good lenses. Then you will be able to upgrade
    the camera body (possibly to digital) without loosing your investment.
    measekite, Dec 17, 2004
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