Olympus mju/stylus 400 - dissapointed

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Barry Cade, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. Barry Cade

    Barry Cade Guest

    Hi all

    I've been looking at getting one of these and was fortunate that a
    colleage at work has recently bought one.

    He was good enough to let me have a play with his but I've got to say
    I've come away less than impressed.

    My main concerns are about the sharpness of the pictures and the fact
    that the camera seems to want to use the flash in everything but really
    bright conditions. It doesn't seem to make sense that taking the picture
    of a building, at a distance of say 50ft, the flash goes off - OK the
    picture seems OK but if you set the flash to off the image seems soft and
    a bit blurred - it may well be camera shake but I don't see how the flash
    can affect the picture at that distance?

    Also I can't seem to get a decent image on the macro setting. Again
    either the flash must be on which washes out what your taking as its too
    close or else its too dark - the flash doesn't seem to be varied in
    anyway - its all or nothing. I know its a compact and doesn't have
    anything in the way of user settings but it is an Olympus and I was
    hoping for better...

    I like the idea of the camera for its compact size and weatherproof case,
    its quick to start and seems to write the imaes out quite quickly on the
    SHQ setting but the downside to me seems that it just doesn't take that
    good a picture which seems at odds with what the reviews say. I can't see
    the point of a flash going off when your taking a landscape picture.

    Are my experiences typical for this camera or am I being over critical or
    expecting too much from a digital?


    Barry Cade, Feb 10, 2004
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