Only Black and white from SVHS

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by Phil, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. Phil

    Phil Guest

    I'm trying to record from my VHS video recorder to my Panasonic digital
    camera. I am using a scart adapter and a SVHS lead but can only obtain
    black and white. The scart adapter has been replaced but will only record
    in B&W. I know that the SVHS lead is OK. Will record in colour with the
    composite lead.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Phil, Jul 24, 2003
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  2. If this is a 'plain' VHS recorder, and not a SVHS recorder then
    that would explain the problem. The SCART wiring is different between
    these two types, and getting only B&W is the normal result.

    If this is the case then you will need to use the composite video

    Harry Broomhall, Jul 24, 2003
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  3. Phil

    loz Guest

    The SCART to SVHS (s-video) lead would be keeping the luminence (B&W) part of
    the signal separate from the chominance (colour) part. SCART just happens to use
    the same pin for the luminence as it does for a composite (1 wire) signal. So
    the composite signal being put out by you VHS recorder is just feeding the
    luminense part of the input on your camera.
    Just use the composite lead - the quality isnt going to improve by feeding it in
    through the s-video port as the limiting factor is the VHS source

    loz, Jul 24, 2003
  4. Phil

    lpp Guest

    I'm trying to record from my VHS video recorder to my Panasonic digital

    The Scart standard includes a S-video connection. But on a normal
    VHS vcr this is rarely implemented. Use the composite lead.
    lpp, Jul 24, 2003
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