Operating System Requirements for Scanners??

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by Mark D. Fain, May 28, 2004.

  1. Mark D. Fain

    Mark D. Fain Guest

    While looking to purchase a new scanner I noticed that several of the boxes
    state that the scanner needs a "factory installed" version of Windows or an
    "upgrade from a factory install". The Epson 1670 (my first choice) requires

    Why?! What would be the difference between a "Factory Install" and a
    valid, functional "field install?"


    Mark D. Fain
    Mark D. Fain, May 28, 2004
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  2. Mark D. Fain

    AS Guest

    I bet that some big name firms just ignore "home installed" OS. They just
    don't give any support. Presumably that way all possible faults from the
    user side are already eliminated by the "factory". Funny enough my brother
    has problems with not so few programs on his factory installed Dell PC,
    while I have virtually none with my home built one.
    AS, May 28, 2004
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  3. Mark D. Fain

    RSD99 Guest

    "AS" posted:
    "... I bet that some big name firms just ignore "home installed" OS. ..."

    Do you know of any actual incidents? where a scanner manufacturer has refused to "support"
    a product because in was installed on a "home brew" computer?

    I recently contacted Epson regarding their published "System Requirements" for the
    Perfection 4870 Scanner, questioning their line requiring Windows 98 *Second Edition* or
    later as an operating system. Their response was that the scanner would work just fine
    with any computer that had a properly functioning USB port of at least Version 1.1 ...
    essentially NOT that it would *not* work with a computer running Windows 98 'First

    "Home Brew" computers may be more prevalent than you think ... especially in the high-end
    graphics field. EVERY computer I've run across in Pro-Photo Studios and Prepress Shops has
    either been home-built or extensively modified by the user/owner ... and I imagine that
    the run-of-the-mill graphics user has tweaked his hardware and software at least a little
    bit specifically for his favorite graphics applications.

    I think the "Factory Installed XXX" line on many of those System Requirements sheets is
    Marketing Department CYA text. It might also be to discourage anyone from using an old
    Windows 95 box that has been "updated" to run Windows XP.

    IMHO: It really doesn't make any difference 'who' installs an 'Operating System' ... if
    it's done correctly. I've received new computers that had the Operating System properly
    installed by the "Factory," and systems that have been totally mucked up by the "Factory."
    RSD99, May 29, 2004
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