Opinions of the Manfrotto 701RC2 fluid head

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by newsbirdie2, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. newsbirdie2

    newsbirdie2 Guest

    I currently use a Manfrotto 3001BN with an 486RC2 head for my camera
    and for painting (I attach a small painting box to it). I'd like to
    get a head for my digital camcorder. I have a small Sony camcorder so
    I don't need anything really fancy, but I'd like to leave the same head
    on the tripod for my paintbox and my camera so that I'm not changing
    the head often. I'm thinking for approximately $25 more then the
    700RC2, the Manfrotto 701RC2 is the best bet at $100. What concerns me
    is that this is relatively entry level for Manfrotto, and the next
    version up, the 501 is $150. I see the 501 is described as being
    "smooth" in addition to "fluid", which the 701RC2 is just "fluid". I'm
    curious if the 701RC2 is good enough? Also are there any other models
    from other manfucturers that would be a better deal, possibly cheaper?
    I'm really happy with Manfrotto so far, I love the tripod legs and the
    ball head.

    I'm also considering the Velbon Ultra Luxi F for a lightweight tripod
    for my still photography. It has a pan head. I assume this wouldn't
    be very good for video, but if I don't want to carry my Manfrotto
    around all day (2.2kg) would the Velbon (1.3kg) do the bill? I'd like
    to take it in the city and shoot some video for small projects, just
    for fun (hobby).

    newsbirdie2, Jun 26, 2005
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