original film format for slide distribution

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Joseph Brown, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. Joseph Brown

    Joseph Brown Guest

    Hello, I would like to take some photos and have them duplicated in slides.
    Many copies of the original film will be made for distribution.

    What is the best format for the original shoot? Positive or Negative film?

    I understand that if negative will be used for aquisition, the copies will
    be made using Vericolor duplication slide film.

    Or its better to shoot with slide film and copy it into other slides?

    I'm asking this, because I know that movies shot in 35mm motion film
    intended for projection, are shot initially with negative film. Only the
    final intended for distribution in cinemas is in positive.

    What are the advantages/disadvantages to copy a negative into positive?
    What are the advantages/disadvantages to copy a positive into positive?
    Joseph Brown, Jul 30, 2003
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  2. Joseph Brown

    Comrade Guest

    image structure (grain/sharpness/speed) will be better with slide, the
    Vericolor film is very old emulsion technology

    as is color reproduction going to be better with the newer slide/dupe system

    also, the Vericolor film, must be processed in formaldehyde, and if it
    isn't the dupes will fade very quickly in the magnenta toe, and such
    processing is more expensive, considering the additional health and safety
    considerations OSHA requires for formadehyde in the USA, and I am sure
    other countries look at it similarly

    and even with the right processing, the whole dye system of that film, is
    old, and image stability and long term keeping will fade quicker, that a
    real slide/duper

    Vericolor slide film, is good for an afterthought of getting a dupe, a
    resort, not the rule, not the plan

    same labor cost, in either case, for a lab having equipment, same
    equipment cost, realistically, and except for the formaldehye related
    costs, your only cost consideration, is what the films themselves cost

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    Comrade, Jul 30, 2003
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  3. Joseph Brown

    Gordon Moat Guest

    If you have photo prints, and need slide copies, then some duplicating stand
    set-up would work. Once you have the first slide for each image, duplicate
    slides can easily be produced using Kodak E-dupe or similar. Check with your
    lab to see what services they offer.
    If you have the original negatives, that would work better than photographing
    prints with a copy stand set-up. However, using Kodak Vericolor film or
    similar, is a negative film copying another negative, though the result would
    be a positive. If you just used transparency film to copy a negative, you
    would get what looks to be another negative in appearance. Again, your lab may
    suggest the best method. Also, if they are B/W prints, and they are altered
    somewhat from the negatives, some copy stand to transparency (slide) set-up
    may give better results.
    Quite often true, but check with your lab to see what they recommend.
    In some cases, if the print is very altered from the original negative, the
    best representation of the colour, tone, shading, and composition might be a
    slide photographed from a copy stand. It really would be an image by image
    judgement call, since it will be tough to tell what works best for each image,
    until you see the final results. Sometimes doing several methods, and choosing
    the best may be necessary.
    A straight copy just results in a transparency that appears to be the
    negative. If you used negative film, like Vericolor, to copy a negative, the
    result would look like a positive, suitable for projection or viewing on a
    light table. With B/W negatives, you should use B/W negative film to make the
    copy, since the results will look better than from using Vericolor.
    My experiences with E-dupe show that sometimes there is a slight increase in
    contrast. Usually the copy is really good, and difficult to tell any
    differences from the original. Some transparency films just do not copy very
    well. Be prepared to have some images done over, if they are just too far off.


    Gordon Moat
    Alliance Graphique Studio
    Gordon Moat, Jul 31, 2003
  4. Joseph Brown

    Alan Guest

    If you know that you're going to need duplicate slides, shoot on slide
    film, and when you take the picture, simply set the winder to
    continuous and let it shoot as many copies as you need. The advantage
    to this is that each "duplicate" is an original, with all the quality
    of an original, and it's cheaper and quicker to process a roll of
    slides than to get a slide duplicated.
    Alan, Aug 2, 2003
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