OT - Broken Canon ZR70MC Mini-DV

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Hunt, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Hunt

    Hunt Guest

    OK, this is OT for the group, but does pertain to video equipment. I've got a
    4 year old Canon ZR70MC Mini-DV tape camera. It doesn't get used much, but has
    always been a handy little camera, and has never failed to give good results.
    I used it two weeks ago, charged up the battery and placed it in the bag.
    Grabbed it yesterday, and fired it up. All seemed fine, though I did notice
    for the first time, that the Time/Date showed in the finder. This may have
    happened before, but because the viewer of LCD screen was then filled with the
    view from the camera, maybe I missed it. Anyway, all I got was a black screen
    in either the viewfinder, or the LCD. The various menu items are shown, as
    they should be, but no image. I have checked all of the various settings on
    the camera: Tape (vs. Card), etc. Everything is as it should be. Battery is
    good, and I tried the backup. Same. The tape mech. works fine. I can see the
    material on previous tapes. I have recorded with it, and checked the tape -
    blank! It appears that some aspect of the CCD is bad - CCD, connection, ?
    Before I send it off to California for estimate and repair, I wanted to pass
    the situation by the folk here. Any ideas that I should try? Any experiences
    similar? I'd just hate to send it off, if it's something minor, that one of
    you guys, or gals, can possibly diagnose. Obviously, I'm hoping that the
    little beastie can be repaired, as its specs. are still pretty good compared
    to the newer replacements from Canon. It's also only had about 12 tapes run
    through it, and everything else seems to work fine. Any thoughts would be
    greatly appreciated. And, yes, the lens cap is off <G>.

    Hunt, Mar 2, 2007
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