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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by PeterN, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    PeterN, Feb 21, 2014
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  2. PeterN

    RichA Guest

    RichA, Feb 21, 2014
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  3. PeterN

    Guest Guest

    journalism at its finest.

    for the real story:

    If those buyers don't pay off their loans, Capital One (COF, Fortune
    500) said, "as a last resort, we may go to a customer's home after
    appropriate notification if it becomes necessary to repossess the
    sports vehicle."

    in other words, if you're a deadbeat who doesn't pay what they owe, you
    might be due for a visit.

    since you seem unusually worried about this, that can only mean one
    Guest, Feb 21, 2014
  4. PeterN

    PeterN Guest


    You are exposing yourself to another slander charge. You are also
    unaware of the provisions of our Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.
    It also so happens that I believe people should understand what they are
    getting into.
    You also don't seem to know that sometimes people have financial
    problems, through no fault of their own.
    PeterN, Feb 21, 2014
  5. PeterN

    Savageduck Guest

    A "Canadian Postal Money order" isn't exactly a foreign bank draft,
    direct electronic exchange or, S.W.I.F.T. international exchange. You
    are sending the non-Canadian seller Canadian $. That is the same as
    taking foreign cash, Canadian or any other into a bank to be converted
    to US dollars. There will be foreign exchange fees.
    If you went to your Canadian bank and paid for a draft in US$ (or
    whatever foreign currency was required) you would have paid your
    Canadian bank whatever their fees were, and the US recipient would have
    received the full amount drawn on a US bank. (the same applies to
    proper currency transfers/exchanges to any country)

    There is no free lunch. You will pay at one end, or the other of a
    foreign transaction, and sometimes at both ends.
    Savageduck, Feb 21, 2014
  6. PeterN

    Alan Browne Guest

    You didn't read the whole article I take it?

    That raises the question of why Cap One is sending out this bizarre
    contract language in the first place rather than explaining in plain
    English, as Girardo did, what its true intentions are.

    Girardo said only that Cap One is "reviewing this language." I take this
    as an indication that, now that a little sunlight has been applied, the
    company is not as comfortable as it previously was with behaving like a
    total psycho.

    I don't deal with CapOne so no issue.

    But a CC co. is certainly welcome to try to come into my home. It
    wouldn't hurt this time of year with the nice deep snowbank outside ...
    since I settle all accounts to zero each month, I don't care what CC co.
    cancels my account for non-compliance to the contract in any case.

    I've recently had a card cancelled for the simple reason that I haven't
    used it in a few years.

    The only companies that can reasonably ask to inspect my home are the
    mortgage co. (and that will be over soon) and the insurance co. (They
    paid a visit last year and were only concerned about some boxes near the
    furnace (electric)).

    Fire department is always welcome. Really cute gal last time but she
    doesn't call, doesn't write ...
    Alan Browne, Feb 21, 2014
  7. PeterN

    Alan Browne Guest

    Mospam's nonsense aside, other than grave emergency, there is no excuse
    for spending a dime using a credit card that one is not prepared to pay
    in full when the bill comes in.

    And for the grave emergency, once the dust has settled, get a
    conventional loan to pay the CC bill asap (or transfer to a much lower
    rate LOC).
    Alan Browne, Feb 21, 2014
  8. PeterN

    Guest Guest

    i don't owe you anything.
    it is not possible to slander someone over usenet.
    you ought not make statements like that, especially when you go around
    flapping your lips about slander.
    then they shouldn't be buying stuff on credit.

    and what you're missing is not that someone might have financial
    problems (which obviously can happen), but rather that they are trying
    to get away with not paying what they owe.

    if they really do have financial problems, they can work out a plan
    with the bank.

    however, if they stop paying and hope that the bank will ignore it,
    then they are going to be in for a bit of a surprise, and it might not
    just be the bank who visits them.
    Guest, Feb 21, 2014
  9. PeterN

    Guest Guest

    or contact the bank and come up with a plan to pay it back.

    the problem is with deadbeats who don't pay and have no plans on
    paying. those are the ones who get a visit, and not just by the bank.
    Guest, Feb 21, 2014
  10. Actually, you tell the person at the post office that you want the money
    order in US funds, and that's what happens. At the other end, the
    recipient gets US dollars. The only way that doesn't happen is if the
    sender forgets to specify US dollars, or the cashing place somehow doesn't
    know this.

    Of course, that's assuming "Canadian Postal Money Order" is actually
    Canada Post Money Order, ie from the actual Canadian post office. Those
    tend to have no problems, while I gather you can get money orders from at
    least some of the banks, and I haven't a clue about those.

    Michael Black, Feb 21, 2014
  11. PeterN

    Savageduck Guest

    In that case Rich should have paid all applicable fees when he bought
    the "Canadian Postal Money Order" in Canada, and it should have been
    imprinted "payable in US$".
    Banks in Canada, & the USA deal with foreign exchange on a daily basis.
    probably more so than Rich's local Toronto post office.

    Personally, when it comes to foreign exchange I use one of three
    methods, electronic exchange, S.W.I.F.T transfer, or PayPal.
    Savageduck, Feb 21, 2014
  12. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    PeterN, Feb 21, 2014
  13. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    I will start by saying I follow similar practices. At present my credit
    catd debt is zero, and I have no mortgage. However, that aside, I think
    that from a standpoint of financial logic you are almost right. However,
    a line of credit is what keeps our economy going. We leased our last car
    because I can get a higher rate of return on my money than the financing
    factor on the lease.
    Getting back, credit lines are essential for business. I agree that many
    folk get themselves into trouble by over extending themselves. It's easy
    for someone who has not been there to talk down on those who appear
    financially foolish. What should society do with those who can barely
    earn enough to eat? And are working two or three jobs. It seems to me
    that from a psychological standpoint it would be prudent for them to
    have at least some diversion. How do they put clothes on their backs.
    Yes I know we have thrift stores. The S/A is one of my favorite
    charities. Just don't be too quick to judge.
    PeterN, Feb 21, 2014
  14. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    Again, you have no clue about what you are saying. Have you ever tried
    to contact a bank. I had clients who were not deadbeats, but ran into
    adverse circumstances. Bank officers are NOT businessmen. I will not get
    into a discussion with you about this, because of your inability to
    discuss anything logically.
    PeterN, Feb 21, 2014
  15. PeterN

    Guest Guest

    many times, and for many reasons and without any problems. sure sounds
    like you need to find better banks.

    in a couple of instances, they said they'd get back to me after looking
    into the issue, which they did and within the time frame they said they
    would. in one of those cases, i had found a bug in their system, which
    they confirmed after some investigation and said it would be resolved
    and thanked me for pointing it out.
    they don't need to be and the deadbeats will probably be talking to the
    collections department anyway.
    says the person who brings up irrelevant topics.
    Guest, Feb 21, 2014
  16. PeterN

    John Turco Guest

    On 2/21/2014 6:59 AM, nospam wrote:


    My, how unsanitary! Did you call in an exterminator?

    John Turco, Feb 23, 2014
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