PAL-I to PAL-M conversion

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Alex Bailey, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. Alex Bailey

    Alex Bailey Guest

    I have a DV from my camera of which I want to give a copy to someone
    in Brazil. I'm in the UK and our system is PAL-I. In Brazil they have

    I don't have time to get a professional bureaux to do a format
    conversion for me. If I take my camera to Brazil and connect it to a
    VCR there, can I create a PAL-M VHS tape?

    Also, if I want to make a DVD-Video or VCD from the tape, do I have to
    worry about the PAL format or is the MPEG file on the DVD/VCD in a
    non-PAL specific format?

    Alex Bailey, Dec 18, 2003
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  2. Alex Bailey

    Tim Mitchell Guest

    You don't have to, it will just play OK. the -I and -M only make a
    difference on transmitted material, it tells you the sound subcarrier
    when it is RF. Once it's on tape, it's just PAL. (assuming they are both
    50Hz, which I think they are)
    Again, as long as it is PAL, it doesn't matter.
    Tim Mitchell, Dec 18, 2003
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  3. No!!! PAL-M uses near-NTSC scanrates (slightly modified to fit the
    PAL subcarrier phase changes.) The conversion between PAL-M and (normal)
    PAL isn't much different from converting between NTSC and (normal) PAL!!!

    John S. Dyson, Dec 18, 2003
  4. Alex Bailey

    Tim Mitchell Guest

    Sorry, you are right, I was giving duff info. PAL-M is 525 line/60Hz
    version of Pal, so it would need to be converted.

    I am now not sure what the answer to the DVD question is, I *think* the
    video would need to be converted to 60Hz frame rate in order to play
    correctly. The MPEG format on the DVD doesn't use PAL or NTSC coding,
    but the frame rate is still important.

    However I stand by what I said about the -I suffix of PAL-I, this is
    only relevant when receiving transmitted material.
    Tim Mitchell, Dec 19, 2003
  5. Alex Bailey

    Alex Bailey Guest

    I just got back from Brazil again and this is what happened:

    The PAL-I VHS tape I took with me would not play in any VCR machine in
    When I connected my DV camera's composite output to a Brazilian TV or
    VCR I could transfer audio and monochrome only, no colour.
    When a local video guy tried to use input the composite he couldn't
    even get the vertical sync to hold.
    Finally I met a guy with a nice Adobe Premiere setup and he imported
    to AVI, converted to NTSC and exported to VHS tape but we lost a lot
    of quality.

    It seems that Brazil uses PAL-M just for terrestrial broadcasts but
    NTSC for video tape. Next time I'll make a region zero DVD !!
    Alex Bailey, Jan 17, 2004
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