Panasonic AG-DVC7 video camera - ??

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by thorvalde, Aug 15, 2004.

  1. thorvalde

    thorvalde Guest

    I'm thinking of buying a Panasonic AG-DVC7 video camera
    to use for events videography. Has anybody used this
    camera & is it suitable for videoing of weddings, birthdays
    thorvalde, Aug 15, 2004
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  2. thorvalde

    Ryan Boni Guest

    I'd stay away from the DVC7 (The HS we work hand-in-hand with has 2 and,
    unfortunately, 2 more that just arrived).

    The first two were bought because we had been very happy with the DVC15 (now
    discontinued) and figured it would be close. However they dropped the XLR
    inputs (one of the best features about the 15 - granted a Beachtek adapter
    solves that problem, but makes it a real pain to use handheld.)

    The reason the second 2 were bought was because it was the only full-sized
    camcorder in its price range. The teachers and I have always felt the kids
    would be better off with the durability of a full-sized camcorder (after 10
    years of great experiences with the Panasonic AG-450 & 456s)

    So basically Panasonic went from having a great and perfectly priced DVC15
    to a much weaker and overly priced DVC7 (even though it costs less, but what
    you get from it is significantly less than the reduction in price.)

    We've found the 7's are horrible in low or minimal light situations
    (something you would run into in wedding receptions.) Of course, most
    camcorders in the under $2000 price range are not going to typically be
    designed for use in low light (but gosh darn it, they have the always
    important 750x digital zoom!!!! Talk about marketing a useless feature.).

    Now I'm a little biased too, because we did some side-by-side tests between
    the 7 and one of the station's Sony DSR-250s (I know, not a fair comparison
    in the least, but I was just curious how much difference there was between
    the two.) But seeing as how the 250 is basically considered the bottom end
    of the professional line of camcorders (more of a high end prosumer
    camcorder) , I was surprised at how it totally blew away the image from the
    7, especially in the aforementioned low light. (Our old Canon GL-1 also
    totally blew away the 7 in side by side comparison.)

    It's too bad, because Panasonic is trying to fill a void (albeit a small
    void) in the market, but they got rid of the perfect product (the DVC15)
    that filled that void and replaced it with a much, much worse replacement,
    that doesn't fit the bill.

    Bascially, I'd say if you're looking to make shooting birthday and wedding
    video into a paying gig, I'd buy something better than the DVC7 - the Canon
    XL-1 or XL-2, JVC GY-DV300U, Panasonic AG-DVX100A, or Sony DCR-VX2100,
    DSR-PD150 or PD170 (or rent for a while, until you see that you can earn a
    good bit before sinking a couple grand into a camera.)

    If you're looking for a hobby camera, then I'd say buy something less than
    the DVC7 (buy a little 400 or 500 dollar camera at your local electronics
    store or online). Because the only real advantage of the 7 over similar
    priced small palmcorders is the fact that it is full-sized.

    The poor DVC7 is caught in the middle!


    Ryan Boni
    Public Access Director
    Peters Township Community Television
    McMurray, PA
    Ryan Boni, Aug 16, 2004
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