Panasonic DMW-LMC52 Filter Totally confused.

Discussion in 'Panasonic Lumix' started by noone, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. noone

    noone Guest

    The Latest Panasonic Catalog dated 2007/2008 list 2 Protector Filters for the FZ8, one the
    DMW-LMC55 But Requires the Adapter DMW-LA2, But the other DMW-LMC52 is not flagged for it..

    A web site that lists the DMW-LMC52 stated that you use the included Adapter..?

    Other site list this filter as obsolete, and the Panasonic web site here does not list it..

    So how does this all come together, is it possible to use any 52mm filter with the Lens hood..?

    Does the front of the lens have a 52mm thread..?
    noone, Feb 12, 2008
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  2. noone

    John Navas Guest

    Suggest you ask those questions in
    John Navas, Feb 12, 2008
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  3. noone

    ray Guest

    Have you tried asking in the manufacturer's support area?
    ray, Feb 12, 2008
  4. noone

    John Navas Guest

    Both the lens hood adapter and the lens adapter (DMW-LA2, optional)
    screw onto the body, not the lens.

    Filters mount to the lens hood adapter or to the lens adapter, not the

    Thus a conversion or close-up lens cannot be mounted at the same time as
    the lens hood or filter, and vice versa.

    The front of the lens hood adapter has a 52 mm thread for filters. 52
    mm filters are not obsolete.

    A 55 mm filter may be mounted to the lens adapter instead of a
    conversion or close-up lens.

    To minimize vignetting at wide angle, thin filters should be used. Some
    flash vignetting may occur with any filter.

    [Caveat: This is from memory and the manual -- don't have my DMC-FZ8
    with me at the moment]
    John Navas, Feb 12, 2008
  5. noone

    noone Guest

    Thanks John

    Thanks but the Panasonic web site here no longer list the DMW-LMC52 filter..

    What that other web site listed, was that the DMW-LMC52 is now Obsolete.

    May be they have moved to the 55mm filter because of to minimize vignetting but then they have now
    done it right by fitting the filter to the lens like in the FZ18..

    But the problem with a slim filter is that you can't fit a lens cap to it.

    The Sony H9 uses a similarly arrangement like the FZ8 but uses a 74mm filter is that to minimize

    The arrangement of Filter/LensHood and Lens Cap it a Total hiccup on this Camera, does not help in
    getting the camera up and running in quick time, plus having to sit does to handle all the bits or a
    very large camera bag.

    Its a pity that they did not use the simple way that its done on the Sony F717, just remove standard
    lens cap, remove lens hood and click it on, all with a fitted filter, all with one hand and
    standing up.

    What I was thinking that might be good replacement for my Sony F717 it tuning up as a total joke,
    unless you with to move up to the not so highly rated FZ18..
    noone, Feb 12, 2008
  6. noone

    John Navas Guest

    You're welcome.
    Any 52 mm filter will do.
    As I've explained, that's no more right than fitting it to the lens hood
    adapter, and arguably worse, because that exposes the lens mechanism to
    damage -- it was presumably done in the FZ18 because of the wider wide
    angle, which also creates an issue with the lens hood.
    Why is that a big deal?
    Yuck. Big and expensive. No thanks.
    Totally disagree. But no biggie -- if you don't like it, then get some
    other (less good) camera. Sorry to have wasted both our time answering
    your question.
    John Navas, Feb 13, 2008
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