Panasonic DS27 - Sudden No Playback Problem help requested

Discussion in 'Panasonic Lumix' started by Douglas Adamson, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. Hello there,

    I'm in a major pickle right now and I've hit the net trying to find a
    solution but it seems there's a brick wall.

    today I was transfering video to the hard drive of my pc using the I-
    link/Firewire from my camera. It's a Panasonic NV-DS27B.

    I was cueing tapes up no problem and then I put another tape in the
    machine to see what was on it to copy in. And suddenly the camcorder
    refused to show a pitcher or sound on play back. I assumed it was a blank
    tape that had been mixed up. so I put another tape in I knew had video on

    But that tape didn't work. And no other tapes - including the tapes I had
    in the machine mere moments before now work. No picture no play back

    So far I've tried the following idiots guide.
    Unpluged the Firewire,
    Unpluged the power,
    Tried running off battery,
    Switched off the camera for 1 hr.
    Taken out the battery and the "clock battery"
    Tried various tapes.

    And so far nothing. on play back I just get a black screen and no sound.
    And the tape counter doesn't pick up either when I fast forward or rewind
    it stays at 00.00.00

    Now all this happened today (saturday) so the panasonic helpline isn't
    up. And I'm at a loss.

    I've tried going into my local comet and currys but their staff didn't
    seem to know much. If the Camera is gone or needs repaired (3 years old
    and 2 weeks out of warrenty) such is life - but what is worrying most of
    all is that I've been told that my Mini DV tapes won't work on any other
    camera. Thus I can't back up or transfer my tapes - or see them ever
    again. I thought that couldn't be true (thus the trip to Comet and
    Currys) but none of their machines in the shop were powered up to test it
    - indeed they seemed designed to be impossible to try this.

    One last thing - at the time of the fault occuring I was starting up a
    new project on the PC using the vide capture software - I don't know if
    something might have wiped the software on the camera (not sure if the
    camera has software) but I thought I'd mention it.

    What I cant understand is it was working 2 minutes before I put the new
    tape in to cue up. And then nothing works - with no indications of
    problems (no sign of a head cleaning problem).

    If anyone can help shed some light or give me a real hope I'd be

    I really need to have the camera working by thursday and I REALLY need to
    have all the tapes converted to a backed up format ASAP (which was the
    whole point of my work today).

    Fingers crossed one of you kind souls can lend a hand.

    If you want to e-mail me direct and so not clog up the group remember to
    take out the no spam bit.

    Thanks in advance.

    Douglas Adamson
    Douglas Adamson, Aug 21, 2004
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  2. First of all thanks for repling!

    As you can probably guess it's been fairly never wrecking about all this.

    Suspected it was the Camcorder - but wasn't sure if there was a way to
    find out what exactly was wrong with it. To suddenly go from working to
    not working didn't make sense to me.

    you were right comet didn't play ball neither did Currys when I tried
    there this afternoon.

    Jessops sounds a better bet to go in and get advice.
    Sadly most of my footage is in LP mainly due to the nature of the
    shooting I have to do to get as much time on one tape as possible. I
    realised there was a risk but didn't expect the Camcorder to just stop
    play back without warning while I was using it in the same session (I
    only have about 100 hours use of the thing over 3 years)

    I've scoured the net trying to find a way to check to see of the LP
    recording will work on another camera okay - I had assumed that another
    Panasonic would be okay - but I didn't find anything to prove it.

    Obviously in the future I'll record in SP (and just have to hope there's
    a break in play to swap the tapes) if I need to get a replacement (not
    sure if this one can be fixed).

    Supposedly at least according to the Comet bloke who told me that no two
    camcorders are compatable even if using miniDV - (which we have
    established was only half the story) the head "must have just gone" which
    according to him happens a lot. But I've NEVER heard of a head completely

    Once again thanks for the advice and help.

    Douglas Adamson, Aug 21, 2004
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