Panasonic GS150 was Dissapointing

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by needin4mation, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. I decided to go ahead and pay the extra money for the 3 CCD Panasonic
    GS-150. I had a Sony TR23 from nine years ago to compare it to.

    I found the Panasonic to be clearer and not as grainy. It performed
    OK in a low light (indoors, normal lighting) situation. However, it
    was not enough to justify the money I spent.

    I have no idea how to "properly" test camcorders, so I did the only
    thing I knew to do. I took the old camcorder, filmed a minute and then
    did the same thing on the same subjects with the new camera. The
    colors looked better, but not "great." My old Sony looked pretty good
    in comparison in many ways.

    I could not find $700 (after accessories) difference. The performance
    did not justify the cost and the "hype" of the 3CCD camera.

    I am considering the GS19 after I return this one the Circuit City, but
    am undecided. This camera was an open box for $489 - an excellent buy
    - even after taxes. The Panasonic GS19 is only $189 less, so I don't
    know if that one will be worth it either.

    I must say I was just dissapointed. I don't know what I expected, but
    it wasn't that.
    needin4mation, Nov 8, 2005
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  2. needin4mation

    RS Guest

    I have the GS200, which has the same 3CCD setup, only upgraded a little
    bit. At our local studio I've shot with the GS200 and the studio's
    GL-1's side by side shooting the same footage under the same lighting
    and have found it comparable. The GS200 is a little hotter on the
    colors, but that is easily corrected in post with color correction.

    Low light however, I will agree that the panasonic is not very
    outstanding. The GL-1 is far far better in low light, and I imagine
    thats because the GS200's chips are only 1/6 inch.

    Dunno if the GS120 has manual white balance or not, but I've found that
    can make a big difference. I have an old Sonly TRS360 that does well in
    low light, but always seems skew toward the orange indoors. The
    'incandesent' setting on the auto white balance adds more blue, but the
    overall color performance is not nearly as vibrant as the GS200.

    The GS19 is only a single 1.6 ccd so performance will not be as good as
    the GS120. However, consider the GS35 which is still a bit less than the
    GS150 and adds microphone jack, headphone jack and video light (not
    really something to rely on, but valuable in a pinch.)
    RS, Nov 8, 2005
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  3. Hi There,
    I have a GS400 and I did the following comarison:
    GS400 and Sony TRV 520 (4 year old model D8) mounted side by side on a bit
    of wood.
    Start bothe cameras and video inside and outside the house (high and Low
    Import both videos into the PC and switch between the Panasonic and the Sony
    on each scene.
    Results were:
    details in sky (clouds and blue sky) badly washed out by Sony.
    Colour of roses and leaves in garden also washed out by the Sony.
    Indoors in a vairly dark room the sony produced a brighter picture but it
    had lots of video noise, the Panasonic picture was not as bright but it was
    much cleaner.

    After this test I changed the picture setting on the GS400 to have less
    sharpening applied and dropped the contrast, this improved the already good
    picture even more.


    Martin van derPoel, Nov 13, 2005
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