Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ10

Discussion in 'Panasonic Lumix' started by gudgeon, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. gudgeon

    gudgeon Guest

    hi: has anyone seen a review of Panasonic's latest?
    and where?
    gudgeon, Nov 21, 2003
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  2. gudgeon

    gudgeon Guest

    is that it's a bigger, scaled-up version of the FZ2
    the FZ1 (which I own) and the newer FZ2. <snip>

    Thanks for that. Grateful to group for a heads-up when any reviews spotted.
    gudgeon, Nov 21, 2003
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  3. gudgeon

    Joanne Guest

    I believe a review of the FZ10 is coming out today on
    Joanne, Nov 21, 2003
  4. gudgeon

    Irwell Guest

    Yes, there is one at
    and also a very detailed spec breakdown at
    Would like to get one in my sweaty hands
    but will probably get it when the price drops
    a little.
    Irwell, Nov 21, 2003
  5. gudgeon

    Joanne Guest

    Joanne, Nov 21, 2003
  6. gudgeon

    Irwell Guest

    Irwell, Nov 21, 2003
  7. Alan.T wrote:
    Note that neither Steve,or to my knowledge,any other
    review site,has yet published a review of the FZ10.That which may be found
    on Steves Digicams is only a description of the camera and is in no way a
    qualitative assesment.
    Alan Thwaites, Nov 22, 2003
  8. Alan Thwaites, Nov 22, 2003
  9. gudgeon

    Joanne Guest

    As of tonight there are two reviews of the FZ10 online, steves-digicams and
    dcresource. Steve's IS a review - you have to use the drop down menu or
    "next" link to see the rest. Tthe first page is just a rehash of
    manufacturer's info, but he also describes the various features as you go
    through the pages - you have to read it to find his opinions of the features
    and/or go to "Steve's Conclusion".
    Joanne, Nov 22, 2003
  10. gudgeon

    Guest Guest

    ( before e-mailing, remove the "NOSPAM" digit from address )

    All in all it looks well, but ...
    Isn't there an uncompressed format in the FZ ?
    The specs show only JPEG, which would be quite a limiting factor for
    many users.

    => to e-mail, remove NOSPAM from address
    Guest, Nov 25, 2003
  11. gudgeon

    Guest Guest

    ( before e-mailing, remove "NOSPAM" from address )

    Thanks for the feedback, Hans-Georg.
    I understand every non-pro camera carries some compromise, depending
    on each user's needs. As example, I'm ruling out the FZ10, too big and
    heavy for my needs.

    I wonder how well the FZ2 stands in comparisson. Haven't found much
    opinions neither reviews of it.

    Guest, Nov 27, 2003
  12. gudgeon

    Barry Smith Guest

    In message <>
    My opinion of the FZ2 is that is that it will give the same performance
    as the FZ1. The only difference, as far as I know, is the extra aperture
    and shutter priority modes.

    I did think about waiting for the FZ10 but decided the extra size and
    weight ruled it out for me. With the FZ2 on its strap round my neck I
    can hardly tell I'm carrying it.

    The image stabiliser works very well. I think the only reason someone
    could have for not buying one is if they need manual focus and/or
    more Mpix and/or RAW files.

    But at it's price I think it's a great camera.

    Barry Smith, Nov 29, 2003
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