Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20

Discussion in 'Panasonic Lumix' started by Joe-46er, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. Joe-46er

    Joe-46er Guest

    Does anybody know the stock number of the proprietary batter this
    camera uses, and if it is available from generic sources? I'm hoping
    it's an old form factor that Panasonic has been using for a while.


    "Take a little 5FU, leucovorin and oxaliplatin for thy stomach's sake." -- 1 Timothy 5:23 (adapted)
    Joe-46er, Nov 23, 2004
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  2. Hahnel also make an equivalent which appears to work just fine.

    David J Taylor, Nov 24, 2004
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  3. I have more or less decided to buy a Z3 in the New year, when prices
    have dropped after the Christmas rush. [Well, it's a good plan...!]

    Anyone know a UK vendor where I can spread the payment, interest-free?


    "Who cares, wins"
    Pattern-chaser, Nov 25, 2004
  4. Joe-46er

    epetru Guest

    You can get replacements - generic - at
    epetru, Jan 7, 2005
  5. Joe-46er

    Deborah Guest

    I bought a Matsushita Electric CGA-S002A battery for my FZ10 (exact same except
    for the MPixels). It goes longer than the Panasonic battery that came w/ the
    camera. Can't remember where I got it tho.
    Deborah, Mar 4, 2005
  6. Joe-46er

    DaveC Guest

    Matsushita is the parent co. of Panasonic. Probably just a larger mA rated
    battery of the same mfr's battery (Matsushita makes all batteries for
    Panasonic, and then some...)

    Would like to know where you got it. Look up receipts?

    Please, no "Go Google this" replies. I wouldn't
    ask a question here if I hadn't done that already.


    This is an invalid return address
    Please reply in the news group
    DaveC, Mar 4, 2005
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