Panasonic NV-GS5 B 2.5" LCD monitor failed displaying.

Discussion in 'Panasonic Lumix' started by minidv, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. minidv

    minidv Guest

    The 2.5" LCD display Monitor in NV-GS5B stopped displaying. It's
    completely black (like it is not turned on). First it still displayed image
    when the LCD display was opened a bit, and when opened further it was black
    again, but later it didn't display any image even when a little opened. It's
    black all the time no matter in which position it is opened.
    Please advise what happened and how can I fix it myself.
    I tried the restart button once, but it didn't help.
    Image in the Viefinder is displayed correctly when the LCD Monitor is closed.

    minidv, Jul 25, 2005
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