panasonic switcher help

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by EHSTC, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. EHSTC

    EHSTC Guest

    Has anyone here used the Panasonic AG-MX70? I am from a high school
    studio, and we jsut got this new switcher today. I looked at the
    manual, and was like AHHHHH what the hell is it saying to me, so does
    anyone have a dumbed down version of how to use the switcher?? thanks
    EHSTC, Mar 20, 2007
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  2. EHSTC

    Bob Ford Guest

    If you try to absorb everything it can do in one session it will
    completely overwhelm you.

    I have a WJMX-50 and seldom use much of the stuff the thing is capable
    of doing. I use mine in both production and post production. For
    production if you limit it to just simple cut, dissolve and fade to
    black it is quite easy to learn. I wouldn't attempt to use if for many
    of the fancy special effects in a production setting. Those are much
    easier utilized in a post setting.

    Couple of quick tips you should know if you are going to use it in
    production with 2 or 3 camera inputs. You CAN NOT cut on the same buss
    as you will get momentary freeze frames if you do so.
    Cuts must be done from the A to the B bus and you do so by setting the
    frame rate selection to zero.
    Bob Ford
    Images In Motion
    Bob Ford, Mar 20, 2007
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  3. "EHSTC" wrote ...
    So feed some video signals into it and hook a monitor on the program
    output and see what all the buttons and sliders do. Looks relatively
    straightforward for the simple stuff (cuts & dissolves), and fancy wipes
    with the push of a couple more buttons, etc.
    Richard Crowley, Mar 20, 2007
  4. EHSTC

    Bob Ford Guest

    I'm not familiar with the MX-70 but the 50 has a demo mode selector
    switch which cycles it through most everything it is capable of doing.
    Your suggestion is good, just hook the thing up and play with it.
    Bob Ford
    Images In Motion
    Bob Ford, Mar 20, 2007
  5. EHSTC

    Ryan Boni Guest

    Hey EHSTC,

    We've used a Panasonic MX-70 in our control room everyday for the last
    couple of years (although I'm not a fan of it & will be replacing it
    soon and relagating it to remote duty where it is better suited), so I
    can answer any specific questions you may have. There's also a lot of
    stuff that the manual does not address.

    A few more bits of info could help us in the newsgroup get you moving:

    What switcher did you have before?

    How much familiarity do you have with switcher set-ups and operation?

    What types of programs/projects are you looking to use the MX-70 for?
    (talk shows, news/morning announcements, etc.)

    Did you guys get the regular composite set-up of the switcher (or did
    you get the SDI expansion card)? Using SDI, Y/C or component limits
    you to just 4 inputs on the switcher. Using composite gives you full
    access to all 8 inputs.

    Did you get the 3D effects card or no?

    Do you have (or are planning to have) a CG feeding the switcher? And
    if so, what CG are you using? Does it have a key output?

    Are you planning to use the audio mixer built in or do you have a
    separate audio board? (Why the audio mixer takes up so much space on
    the switcher is beyond me, but I understand that Panasonic was trying
    to make a complete all-in-one production unit)

    Please give a little more info about the planned set-up and how much
    experience you have with switchers so I can have a starting point, and
    I'll be glad to give any additional help I can.

    Ryan Boni
    Public Access Director
    Peters Township Community Television
    Ryan Boni, Mar 22, 2007
  6. EHSTC

    carl zwanzig Guest

    Exactly. Skim the manual so you know what the controls do and what
    features are available. Then forget about half of them (effects, audio,
    titles, etc) and just play with it. You won't break anything.

    carl zwanzig, Mar 22, 2007
  7. EHSTC

    EHSTC Guest

    Umm well im not sure what switcher we had before.....ill find out.
    Also i am considered pritty skilled in hookup, setting up, and normal
    switcher tech stuff. we might have gotten the 3D card, againg, alot of
    our new stuff is in boxes still. We are using it for our Morning news
    show, with weather (green screen and chromakey). we were not planning
    on using the audio, being we have a good sound system. Other than
    that, i really havent gotten the new switcher hooked up a
    few weeks, after spring break, is when i hope to get it up and

    Now a few questions that my teacher had before we started playing with
    this was :
    1: how do we do basic camera cuts. sounds stupid, but it is a
    different setup from our old switcher, and is not mentioned in the
    2:also how do we do Chromakeying. the manual is VERY hard to
    3: do we need to hook up a computer for the board to work?

    thanks foir your help
    EHSTC, Mar 22, 2007
  8. "EHSTC" wrote ...
    Bob Ford explained how to do it in his posting on Tuesday.
    Richard Crowley, Mar 22, 2007
  9. EHSTC

    EHSTC Guest

    Ok so i select the camera imput 1-8 on the A bus, than the imput i
    want to cut to on the B bus. Than how do I put the cut time to 0. do i
    turn the knob that says time?
    EHSTC, Mar 23, 2007
  10. No, there should be a "take" button that swaps the program and preview
    bus sources. Next to it usually is a transition button that does the
    same for wipes or dissolves or fades, and that is what the time
    control must tie to, setting the rate in frames for the transition.
    Sounds like your TV teacher is kind of inexperienced?
    nobody special, Mar 23, 2007
  11. EHSTC

    EHSTC Guest

    No, B isnt inexperiance, she jsut has so much to do right now, that
    she gave me the task of getting it to work
    EHSTC, Mar 23, 2007
  12. EHSTC

    Ryan Boni Guest

    To answer your questions:

    Camera Cuts:

    The MX70 has some strange stuff to it. As Bob Ford mentioned, you
    never want to "hot punch" a camera in the program bus, because the
    built-in frame sync freezes the current image before cutting to the
    next. Sometimes it's a few milliseconds and hardly noticeable,
    sometimes nearly a full second. On a normal switcher, nobody special
    would be correct that you would use a take or cut button, but the MX70
    only has an auto trans button. Typically, you preview in the B bus
    while A is program. HOWEVER, apparently Panasonic made the bizarre
    (I'm trying to be nice here!!) decision to have the switcher flip-flop
    the busses everytime you hit auto trans. So while you preview B and
    hit auto trans, the B becomes program and A becomes preview. There is
    a menu setting to get the switcher to operate as all normal switchers
    do with a set program bus and preview bus. I remember it was not
    mentioned in the manual and I came across it by accident. I'll send
    how to do it on Monday when I'm in front of the switcher.

    So preview the source in B. In the upper right of the switcher, there
    is a time dial. Below that is 3 buttons: ME, DSK, & FADE (I think
    they're in that order). You must select which time you want to
    adjust. The ME (or mix effects) is what you're looking for. The DSK
    is obviously to adjust the auto trans on the downstream keyer and the
    FADE is for the fade to black button. When you hit ME, then adjust
    the knob counterclockwise until it says the ME time is down to 0 on
    the LCD screen of the MX70. It is displayed in seconds and frames.
    That will allow camera cuts.


    The chroma keyer in the MX70 is surprisingly very good. Before you
    try chromakeying make sure you have a preview monitor hooked up to the
    preview out of the switcher. You can select what is going to the
    preview monitor by selecting one of the preview buttons above the
    busses. I think it's ME Preview, A, B and DSK. Typically, I've
    always had my switcher hooked up with the B bus going to preview.
    Place your camera with the blue or green screen in the preview bus and
    what you're going to key (weather map, etc) in the program bus.
    Halfway up the switcher is a bunch of buttons, one of which is labeled
    "Chroma". Hit that button. You'll notice a cross/cursor appear on
    your preview monitor. This allows you to select which color you are
    looking to key out. There is a little joystick near the top of the
    switcher near the power button. This joystick allows you to move the
    cursor to a portion of the screen that has the color you want to take
    away. When you move the cursor to the blue or green you are looking
    to key out, then you have to hit "enter" which is a button on the
    right hand side of the switcher (it has an arrow on the actual
    button). Now your preview screen should show you what the chroma key
    will look like. You then hit Auto Trans to take it and again to make
    it go away. If your key looks bad, there are plenty of menu options
    to allow you to adjust things such as slice and key level. To adjust:
    with the chroma button pushed and lit, you'll see chroma key info on
    the little LCD screen. Turn the first knob to go up and down the
    menus. The other 4 knobs adjust the item that is highlighted above
    each one. By the way, don't get too used to this type of chroma
    keying, because most regular switchers have a key bus and you use the
    key & program bus, not the program and preview.


    No, you do not need a computer to get the switcher to work. Hooking
    it up to a computer allows you to use the MX-Navi software. Which is
    some pretty useless software. Basically, it would allow you to import
    graphics directly into the MX70 and things like that. Since we already
    have a CG, it never made any sense for us to use. Plus the computer I
    loaded the software onto got pretty mad about it, so we gave up on the

    Ryan Boni
    Public Access Director
    Peters Township Community Television
    Ryan Boni, Mar 23, 2007
  13. EHSTC


    Apr 21, 2009
    Likes Received:
    We also have a Panasonic MX 70 and are disappointed that we can't do live green screening with it. Can you recommend a different switcher within that price range that is capable of live green screening.


    Charlie Bogusat
    Broadcasting Instr.
    Bergenfield High Sch.
    cbogusat, Apr 21, 2009
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