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Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Mark Thomas, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas Guest

    While I'm looking for the missing slides to complete my fire pano
    (grr).. (1.2Mb - 6000 x 900!)..

    there's another in the meantime. 6 x Fuji S9000 images, PTGUI &
    Smartblend, all default settings, minor tweak to levels, reduced to
    about 1/4 size for posting here.

    I forget the name of this lookout, but it's interesting (depressing?!)
    in that I think it shows how difficult it is to capture some scenes in a
    way that does them justice. Tried a normal shot, wide angle, this pano,
    selected tele'd areas... but nothing worked very well. It's a
    picturesque view and the fact that the view spans about 300° makes it
    very aesthetic in the flesh, but nothing I tried really captured the
    scene well as an image.

    Maybe I shoulda tried 3D..? Alternative suggestions gladly received -
    how would *you* have done justice to this? (Hint to self - go back at
    sunrise/sunset!) Or just give up and accept that the highlight of the
    image is the shiny Commodore? (O:

    And not that I'm chasing any records, but what's the biggest (personal)
    image posted to these groups I wonder? The full size original pano is
    ~25,000 pixels across...

    I'm guessing Scott might be a contender, or anyone up for a challenge!?

    (Or maybe someone might post their mythical Manly panorama...)

    Comments always welcome!!

    Mark Thomas, Aug 3, 2008
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  2. Mark Thomas

    Jeff R. Guest

    Very pretty... and an ideal application of the technique. As you
    commented - couldn't have been captured satisfactorily otherwise.
    Nah... *Most* of the interest is at infinity...
    (Says he who posted half a dozen 3Ds from a lookout..)

    Well, maybe yes, but let's face it, 3D is a fun gimmick, hardly a serious
    representational medium ('though my late uncle - of the Sydney 3D Society -
    would disagree.)
    Just as you have.
    And *celebrate* the shiny Commodore. (Me - Ford for over six cars including
    the next one real-soon-now.)
    I have a much treasured 10x8 of my mum, aged about 1 1/2, sitting proudly in
    the back seat of an (?) A Ford, replete with spare tyres ("tyres", not
    wheels) strapped to the running boards, and don't think for one second I
    don't appreciate the inclusion of the boring old motorcar in the family

    Oh bugger it. It's worth posting:
    Just talk amongst yourselves for a few minutes...

    (Sorry Mr T. - It's arguably not technically perfect. *Priceless*, mind,
    but not perfect.)

    ...and now the flames can start, 'cause it prolly ain't a Model A... sighhh.

    That's Grandma next to her. In 1913 she taught in the school I do now.
    She was one of the foundation teachers. Got her B.A at Syd Uni in 1905,
    worked as an Engineering Draughtsman for a few years before retraining as a
    teacher. She designed the house in the background. Granddad built it - and
    took the photo.

    Man! I love old family photos.

    So anyway - keep the car(s) in the shots. Your children/grandchildren will
    thank you for the context.
    Yeah right.
    That'd be good.

    Reality only here. No dreams.

    Jeff R., Aug 3, 2008
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  3. Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Thanks. But I'm still looking for the killer panorama scene...

    Mmhmm. It did occur to me that 3d-ing that pano would require fairly
    substantial eye-crossing... (O:

    Well I would if it was mine - it was owned by the touristy ring-ins who
    appear in the shot. They drove up as I was setting up, and hung back
    politely, but I explained what I was doing and that it would take a
    while and they should just go ahead and do what tourists do at
    lookouts.. Out of interest, there was at least one other person, but
    the computer said - NO. (Smartblend actually)

    Let's just say I have a much smaller and cheaper veehickle, thank
    heavens in these days of $1.50 per l...
    That's just wonderful!! What a marvellous keepsake.

    (nasal voice)
    Actually. I'm not a vintage car freak, but a quick google suggests to
    me that it might be a late T, as most of the A's have a front bumper.
    And also, you will note...
    (end nasal)

    In reality, I wouldn't have a clue. (O:
    Like I said, no context for me at all in that one. But I do other stuff
    for the family, so all is not lost!
    S'truth, mate, haven't heard that one for a while. She's apples, though!
    Mark Thomas, Aug 3, 2008
  4. Mark Thomas

    Scott W Guest

    My largest one to date is 139,073 pixels wide and 11,255 high. It is
    not a prefet stitch job for a number of reasons, smart blend does not
    work well with images that size, at least not on my computer, and at
    the time I stitched it PTGui would not crop and I had no program that
    would crop an image that size. So you see cars cut in half and part
    of the image at the bottom is black. Some day I am going to redo that
    stitch job.

    The image is stitched together with 236 photos and comes out at a bit
    over 1,000,000,000 pixels.

    At that size the best way to show it is on

    Every one to two years I re shoot Alii Drive, it is fun to watch how
    things change on it.

    Most of my panorama photos are in the 200 mp range, this is pretty
    typical, it is 21833x9624 pixels

    Scott W, Aug 3, 2008
  5. Mark Thomas

    Vagabond Guest

    Hi Mark

    Was that family photo taken in North Manly/Harbord? The house looks familiar.


    Vagabond, Aug 5, 2008
  6. Mark Thomas

    MJW Guest

    Well, it all looks pretty good to me Mark! I'm
    really impressed at how Ptgui handles this stuff.
    Only 6 images? I must remember to not overlap so
    much in the future.

    Must say though, I would have liked to see it
    without the ppl & car, cause you always find that
    they get noticed first, as if you're taking shots
    of friends/family, not scenery. Know what I mean?
    MJW, Aug 5, 2008
  7. Mark Thomas

    Jeff R. Guest

    If you meant that family photo (above), then no, it is in Turramurra - Nth
    Turramurra I guess you'd call it. My grandparents' house.
    It still stands, 90-odd years later, largely unchanged. Left the family's
    ownership only a handful of years ago.
    Jeff R., Aug 5, 2008
  8. Mark Thomas

    Scott W Guest

    I like it better with the car and people, just IMO.

    Some time ago I inherited my grandmother’s collection of slides that
    she had taken over many years. I was looking forward to looking
    through these photos because they were taken over a fairly long time
    span and I really enjoy photos that capture the sense of time and
    place. But she was very careful to not get any people or cars in her
    photos, the result is the photos might as well have been taken
    yesterday and as such they hold little interest.

    Scott W, Aug 5, 2008
  9. Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Thanks MJ. I hope to find some more photogenic stuff soon.
    Me too. I particularly like the way you can drag and play with the
    images in the editing screens - even though most of the time the program
    gets it right, when it doesn't I've always been able to fix the
    problem... with one exception - I had a go at what I thought might be
    usable set of images for a linear panorama (along the Brisbane river),
    but I just haven't been able to get a useful result. Which simply backs
    up what I, and Jeff and others have said about this technique - it
    really is only suitable for very flat scenes.
    I used to set them up with big overlaps, and also religiously use
    no-less-than 50mm f-l, and avoid polarisers... Back in the good ole
    days, those things made life easier. But now I frequently shoot at
    28mm, overlap only by say 10-20% at each side and don't hesitate to use
    polarising, because PTGUI does such a great job. I even enjoy fiddling
    with control points...
    Yes, I do and I could have just waited for them to leave, but I knew the
    scene wasn't going to be very spectacular so I decided to just shoot
    away. It was actually shot some time ago as a bit of a test for
    Autostitch - unfortunately AS had problems with it and I ended up with a
    ghostly tree in the image. That's one of the reasons I dropped that

    I'd like to go back to that spot at dawn/dusk and see if it turns into
    something cool with slanting sunlight across all those peaks and
    valleys. Another thing on my 'One Day I'll...' list.
    Mark Thomas, Aug 6, 2008
  10. Mark Thomas

    MJW Guest

    Hi Scott, I can relate to what your saying in
    regards to your grandmother's slides, because
    having people etc in the pics would have been a
    very effective time-stamp, yes?

    I'm curious now though, how does this pano/stitch
    stuff go with photos of people/crowds? If i was at
    say, my sons soccer match & panned down the
    side-line,would the pictures stitch effectively,
    given that the people would be moving the whole time?

    MJW, Aug 6, 2008
  11. Mark Thomas

    Scott W Guest

    It works better then you migth think, but with a few problems.
    There is software that is very good at avoiding putting a seam across
    a moving person, smartblend. What smartblends is not good at is
    avoiding getting the same person in the photo twice. Sometime I try
    hard to avoid getting the same person twice, sometime I don't care if
    I get someone in the photo 2 or 3 times.

    Scott W, Aug 6, 2008
  12. Mark Thomas

    Gary Edstrom Guest


    Here is a panorama I took back in March of 2003.

    It's not spectacular, just interesting. It is at Disneyland in Anaheim,
    California when they drained the Rivers of America for the first time in
    about 10 years to perform maintenance. The whole area was surrounded by
    walls and tarps so you couldn't get a good view of the work. But I
    found a hole in one of the tarps that I could just poke my camera lens
    through and took a series of pictures. I didn't really have a panorama
    in mind when I took the series. It was only a couple of years later
    when I downloaded the PTGUI program that I decided to try making it into
    a panorama. It is pretty good. The only place you can see the
    stitching is in the railing at the bottom of the picture in two
    different spots. The camera was an Olympus E-10, and it had moderate
    barrel distortion when zoomed all the way out. I guess that the program
    just couldn't quite make it match all the way to the edge.

    Gary Edstrom, Aug 6, 2008
  13. Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Hi, Gary - nice work! Was the curve deliberate? - I think there is
    enough interest in the image to not need it, and it would be easy to
    correct in the editor window with a quick drag or two to remove most of
    the bend.
    Mark Thomas, Aug 7, 2008
  14. Mark Thomas

    Gary Edstrom Guest

    As I said, it was just a quick-and-dirty panorama. I didn't try
    anything fancy since I really didn't know how to use the program yet at
    that time. I might work on it again sometime in the future.

    Gary Edstrom, Aug 7, 2008
  15. Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas Guest

    No worries! Let us know if you need a hand - fixing the curve and also
    those small handrail mismatches would probably take less than a minute,
    but some of the more advanced processes in ptgui are a bit obscure.

    Mark Thomas, Aug 7, 2008
  16. Mark Thomas

    Scott W Guest

    I call them twins, where you have the same person twice. With some
    care you can avoid this, the better stitching programs allow an PSD
    output with layers, where each photo is on a layer. You can then
    adjust where the seams are to help avoid getting the same person
    twice. It helps to shoot with a fair bit of over lap, or even shoot
    the whole thing twice.

    This had a lot of people who were all moving at once.

    I don't think I dupped anyone, but it is hard to know.

    Scott W, Aug 7, 2008
  17. Mark Thomas

    MJW Guest

    Wow, that is excellent Scott! I gotta start
    thinking 'Pano' everytime i'm out picture taking. :)

    MJW, Aug 7, 2008
  18. Mark Thomas

    MJW Guest

    Hey, I got one of those lists too! Weather here
    has been total crap the last couple of weeks, so
    all I do is think of stuff to do.Ahh well, almost

    MJW, Aug 7, 2008
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