Panorama mode on Olympus Stylus DLX - Just what is it supposed to do?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Chris Dieckmann, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. I've searched the archives of this group and didn't really find a
    direct answer to this question. I'm going to be giving my mom a
    Stylus Epic DLX I bought new for a bargain price and want to explain
    what this "panorama" feature is. The user's manual doesn't really
    explain the feature very clearly and neither could Olympus America's
    call center.

    So, is it really some kind of a panorama photo as compared with a
    regular photo (i.e. does it actually capture more of what you're
    viewing on the negative and spit out a wider print)...or does it only
    add black bars at the top and bottom to make it appear as such?

    Any conclusive replies would be much appreciated...don't want to weigh
    down my mom with unnecessary information if it really makes no sense
    to use this feature...she has trouble using the TV remote.
    Chris Dieckmann, Dec 9, 2003
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  2. Chris Dieckmann

    Ryan Guest

    All the "panorama" feature does is mask off the top and bottom 1/4 of the
    frame. Then, when you take the film to get developed, you will either get
    back a 4x6 print with a 1" black bar on the top and bottom of the print OR
    a 4x12 panoramic print. Which type gets printed automatically depends on
    your lab, but it is very easy for any lab to print either of them (just
    specify which one you want).

    Ryan, Dec 9, 2003
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  3. Chris Dieckmann

    Jim Waggener Guest

    You not need to specify panorama. You can mix standard shots and panoramic
    on the same roll. You will get back the prints as you have described, but no
    to specify either to the printer.
    Jim Waggener, Dec 9, 2003
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