Panorama Tools + PTGUI + Autopano + Enblend

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by JeffTaite, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. JeffTaite

    JeffTaite Guest

    A heads-up for those into making panoramas using PTGUI in
    conjunction with Panorama Tools.

    The latest v3.7 beta1 of PTGUI now supports the extra Panorama Tools
    utilities of Autopano and Enblend as plugins.

    I think those of us who use this combo of Panorama Tools (freeware)
    with PTGUI (costware) know that the most tedious and time consuming
    part is setting enough control points. But considering that most
    other panorama stitchers can't handle complex projects as well as
    these tools can, we have to put up with this at times if we want it

    Setting control-points is now a thing of the past.

    I just tested this on a very difficult set of panels that I use for
    torture-testing panorama software. Comprised of 5 portrait oriented
    indoor photos of an over-stocked tourists' gift shop with daylight,
    fluorescent, and tungsten lighting throughout; done at wide-angle
    with a .33x wide-angle converter. No automatic panorama program I've
    used yet has been successful at stitching these without some major
    human intervention.

    I loaded the photos into PTGUI, went to the "Control Points" tab,
    then the "Plugins" menu, and selected "Autopano". It found 78
    control points automatically in less than 30 seconds. When manually
    checking them they were all precise. As good as, or better than, I
    could have done by hand.

    After selecting the type of panorama I wanted (equirectangular)
    allowing PTGUI to optimize for field of view and lens distortion,
    then I went to preview. All 5 panels of these highly distorted and
    variably lit photos were perfectly aligned.

    If you tell PTGUI to save your final panorama in TIF file format,
    then the "Enblend" plugin kicks in during final stitching with its
    advanced vignetting correction for perfectly seamless blends. What
    usually took over an hour of manually fiddling with this
    torture-test panorama now only took minutes.

    I think I might hear lots of applause and sighs of relief all
    throughout the kingdom of Panoland ....

    I'm not associated with any of these great authors. I'm just a
    desperate end-user that's always looking for a better way.

    One other important note: the Autopano and Enblend plugins are like
    Panorama Tools--freeware. It doesn't get better than that.

    Those of you who can't afford PTGUI have a freeware option out there
    now too, "Hugin" from It's not too different
    than PTGUI in function. It's supposed to also work in conjunction
    with Autopano and Enblend as plugins. I've not used it yet so I
    can't be sure though. Test it out and let us know.
    JeffTaite, Sep 10, 2004
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  2. JeffTaite

    bob Guest

    That sounds nifty. Where does autopano come from? I made a 360 degree pano
    a while ago, and placing the control points was entirely too tedious.

    bob, Sep 11, 2004
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  3. JeffTaite

    JeffTaite Guest

    JeffTaite, Sep 11, 2004
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