Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Martin Wilson, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. I would like to convert the digital pictures I take on backpacking trips in
    The Lakes , Scotland etc into the odd large panorama (6' x 2'), which I
    could frame and hang at home.

    I have the software (Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album) to stitch the photos
    together but will I need a high multimegapixel camera to get the resolution
    for such a large print.

    As you can probably tell, I haven't a clue about cameras.

    Don't laugh, but is this possible with a four megapixel camera? (Pentax
    Optio S40). I am thinking of getting a higher spec camera, any suggestions?
    Budget approx £500.

    If it is possible at all, any suggestions on how/where I would get such a
    large print done?

    Many thanks.
    Martin Wilson, Apr 12, 2005
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  2. Martin Wilson

    Trev Guest

    Would that be 6ft by 2 ft as 6" x 2"
    Depends on how many images you are going to add Lets take the height 24" at
    150 ppi (quiet satisfactory for a image this size as it will be viewed from
    at least 4' away) equals 3600 pixels or about the height of two images from
    your cam.
    Where to get it printed/ Those Billboard folks come to mind but slicing it
    into printable sizes (poster) then pasting together like wallpaper
    Trev, Apr 12, 2005
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  3. Martin Wilson

    Alan Guest

    Your 4mp camera should be fine. You need to take several overlapping
    pictures to create the panoramic, preferably with the camera on a tripod to
    ensure all pictures are in the same plane.
    The overall print size will depend on how many individual pictures make it
    up, and how big you want it.

    Try to do the printing for you - they have some large
    format inkjets and can print fairly big. As a rule try to ensure at least
    150 ppi (pixels per inch) in the final print for reasonable resolution when
    viewed, or 300 ppi for good resolution. You can work out the maths for
    various print sizes based in the image information of the final stitch. You
    can also shoot each frame in portrait layout (camera turned round) to give
    extra height pixels and use more frames to make up the entire pano.

    Alan, Apr 13, 2005
  4. Martin Wilson

    John DH Guest

    Hi Martin,

    A 4 megapix camera will give an image size a little over 6 in by 6in at 300
    dpi. So the dimensions that you quote, you are limited. Most print houses
    will want images at 300 dpi, however, the larger the print, the further away
    from it the viewer is assumed to be (apart from photographers that is), so
    the dpi can be a highly debatable point. Every distortion within the camera
    will be magnified and become obvious in the final print which you may find
    disappointing. The short answer is that your camera does not have anywhere
    near enough grunt both in resolution or optical quality.

    However, your going to try anyway, so here are a few tips:

    Plan your shots, use a tripod, make sure it's level. Use a long focal length
    to get as flat a field as you can. Set your focus, exposure mode and colour
    balance to manual as any changes that your camera makes will be obvious.
    Allow an overlap between shots and watch the weather, lighting conditions
    may change quickly, you may have to work quite fast. Use the highest
    resolution that your camera can do, RAW files if possible.

    I have doubts, but try anyway. Hang on to your cash and work with the camera
    that you have for the time being and expand your knowledge before any
    Here is one company that will do large format printing They have stores in the UK and the folk that
    work there are helpful.

    With practice you should be able to achieve presentable results, but 6 feet
    by 2 feet, hummmmm.

    John D
    John DH, Apr 13, 2005
  5. Martin Wilson

    GwG Guest

    Be careful when taking panoramas with animals in them. I took a panorama of
    a bridge, with some cows in the foreground, and wondered why the cows
    wouldn't join up properly, then I realised the cows had moved.
    2nd attempt here:-
    GwG, Apr 13, 2005
  6. Martin Wilson

    Dr Fish Guest

    " are inches ' relates to feet, as in 6' 2" for someones height.

    Dr Fish, Apr 13, 2005
  7. Martin Wilson

    Dr Fish Guest

    Should be approx 150 quid or so.


    Dr Fish, Apr 13, 2005
  8. Many thanks for kind replies and ideas.

    Some excellent tips from you guys.
    Martin Wilson, Apr 13, 2005
  9. I like having the same one several times in the picture!


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    Michael J Davis
    Some newsgroup contributors appear to have confused
    the meaning of "discussion" with "digression".
    Michael J Davis, Apr 13, 2005
  10. Martin Wilson

    John DH Guest

    John DH, Apr 15, 2005
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