Panoramic 617: Fuji VS Linhof

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by koob, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. koob

    koob Guest

    Hi guys,

    Just hoping for a bit of input from those that have used the Linhof
    Technorama 617 or the Fuji GX617, in terms of advantages and
    disadvantages. I have used both to a small extent (although the Fuji
    was the older fixed lens model) and am having trouble deciding which to
    go for when it comes to purchase time. Any suggestions would be
    appreciated. I'm looking at grabbing one in the next six months.

    koob, Sep 8, 2003
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  2. koob

    Snaps! Guest

    You'll want to be quicker than "6 Months" if you intend to buy a Fuji. They
    are officially out of production. If you want one, it will be hand made in
    Japan and cost you over $14,000 with the cheap lens option!
    The Linhof is IMO the better buy. I currently own 3 Fuji MF cameras,
    Snaps!, Sep 8, 2003
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  3. koob

    Andrew Mc Guest

    I've heard that the 6x7 and 6x9 Fuji's are out of production, but the 617 and
    680 are still very much going on. Do you have a link to a website saying
    Andrew Mc, Sep 9, 2003
  4. koob

    Snaps! Guest

    Snaps!, Sep 9, 2003
  5. koob

    Wiz Guest

    The Fixed lens models in the Linhof is 90mm and the fuji 105mm

    The Linhof is more practical less to go wrong, solid, robust.

    I prefer the 90mm lens to a 105mm.

    have you considered the artpanorama? pick these up cheap ~$1800

    Wiz, Sep 9, 2003
  6. koob

    koob Guest


    I was aware the price had risen by 30% for the Fuji but I thought they
    were still available to an extent. I thought that circumstances for
    purchase would be the same as that of the Linhof - assembled by hand
    and a twelve week waiting period. The fact that the Linhof doesn't run
    on batteries and is very, very robust are the two things that are
    swaying me. When it comes to image quality, I think they're probably
    just as good as one another.

    koob, Sep 9, 2003
  7. koob

    Snaps! Guest

    There's nothing at all wrong with the Fuji picture taking quality. Some of
    the pictures I've taken with my Fuji's are in the foyers of 5 star hotels.
    The problem you will face is not the quality of the cameras - they are all
    good, it's the printing of the pictures.

    The only reason anyone uses these cameras is to get finely detailed, very
    large prints. I found with the larger of my prints, It was more practical to
    send negs to Austria than pay the blackmail prices of some of the locals
    with the equipment were asking. If I were starting again, I'd start by
    buying an enlarger and processor, the camera is of secondary importance.

    Incidentally... Photo Continental in Brisbane has one of the Fuji's in stock
    as well as a 90 mm lens and I believe a used but mint condition Linhof is
    on sale in Sydney at a bargain price (7k?)


    Snaps!, Sep 9, 2003
  8. koob

    koob Guest


    I believe that Fuji at Photo Continental was sold to Steve Parish. I
    saw it go missing a couple months ago and spoke with him at the recent
    signing for his new book. I don't think you need to create super large
    prints to fully appreciate the format and detail. Admittedly that's
    what they're made for, however a ten inch 617 trannie on ilfochrome
    will always look a heap better than an equivalent 35mm trannie on
    ilfochrome. The old story of the larger you go, the poorer the image.
    35mm has to be enlarged a lot more than a 617 to achieve the desired
    size. I think Lik uses a mob in Adelaide for his panorama ilfochromes.
    I don't know of anyone in brisbane that does it. (I refuse to deal with
    ProLab) Like you said, could get quite exy even shipping the damn
    things to and from Adelaide. Think you're looking at around $100 a
    print for a 20x7 inch. What enlarger and processer would you suggest?
    The dark room is fairly foreign to me, but that doesn't me I can't

    koob, Sep 9, 2003
  9. I'm quite happy with Ken Duncan's printing services (Central Coast,
    NSW). Not the cheapest, but the quality is astounding - and very easy
    to deal with.

    I figure if the image is worth printing at that size, then it's worth
    paying properly for it. This is fine for resale, but if you're only
    printing to adorn your own walls, then perhaps the price may be a bit

    re own lab, I can think of better ways to use my time (like taking &
    selling photos!) than developing/printing them myself.

    Andrew Hennell, Sep 9, 2003
  10. koob

    Snaps! Guest

    I get more value from my 6x9 Fuji's than from the pano. If 20x7 is your
    flavour then a cropped 6x9 will look pretty good up to about 36" wide. After
    that it begins to show but how it affects the final print is based on how it
    will be viewed.

    I would be satisfied to use a 6x9 neg for a print 60" wide if I knew there
    was a counter between the picture and the viewer. As for an enlarger? Good
    luck. If you don't do Cibachrome already, you probably won't be able to come
    to grips with it's narrow contrast range and the (almost mandatory) mask you
    have to make for nearly every naturally lit picture you print. I used to
    charge $40 to make a 5x4 mask when I had the lab. Today, you'd be hard
    pressed to find anyone able to do it, much less at an affordable cost.

    For many shots, I got away with internegatives and EP2 prints but with the
    arrival of flatbed film scanners and digital printers like the Lambda, I am
    finding that I can scan previously difficult transparencies, manipulate them
    with PhotoShop and get prints from a Lambda that rival all but glossy
    Cibachromes. Look into using a scanner and getting prints from fstop, it
    might be more effective, long term.
    Snaps!, Sep 9, 2003
  11. koob

    Snaps! Guest

    You're right about the lab thing Andrew but unfortunately at $650 for a
    1200mm wide X 3.4 metre long Cibachrome print, processing them yourself is
    the only way to keep costs under control. The logistic of the thing is
    another matter entirely!
    Snaps!, Sep 9, 2003
  12. koob

    Brenton Guest

    Were you seling this a while ago... I still want it if you were.
    Brenton, Sep 10, 2003
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