Paper for printing B&W of old Slides

Discussion in 'Darkroom Developing and Printing' started by Fred, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Does anyone know of a B&W photograph paper currently available for
    printing of old Slides. I have many old Kotachromes I would like to
    print in B&W. I think it woud be called positive paper.
    Fred, Jan 18, 2004
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  2. Fred

    Peter Irwin Guest

    I don't think there are any current B&W papers intended
    for reversal processing, and in any case you need panchromatic
    material to do a good job with colour slides.

    While you might try reversal processing of Panalure, there
    are several easier ways of getting to where you want to go.

    1) If you have a slide copying set-up with a macro lens,
    you can make black and white negatives from slides on
    your favorite black and white film. This is probably the
    easiest way.

    2) You can enlarge the slide onto panchromatic film, either
    to the final print size or to an intermediate size for further
    enlargement. There are two difficulties with this: 100 speed
    film is about 20 times faster than normal enlargement papers
    so you need to cut down the light or use very short exposure
    times, also this usually entails doing much of the work in
    complete darkness. I have a 6x9 rollfilm back for a plate
    camera which makes this approach somewhat easier.

    3) You could try making a paper negative with Panalure,
    and then contact printing it onto VC paper with a low
    contrast filter.

    Peter Irwin, Jan 18, 2004
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  3. Get them scanned, then do mono prints from the scans.

    Paul Repacholi 1 Crescent Rd.,
    +61 (08) 9257-1001 Kalamunda.
    West Australia 6076
    comp.os.vms,- The Older, Grumpier Slashdot
    Raw, Cooked or Well-done, it's all half baked.
    EPIC, The Architecture of the future, always has been, always will be.
    Paul Repacholi, Jan 18, 2004
  4. Fred

    Fred Guest

    I have an old 55mm macro lense with extender that will go 1:1, but not
    a slide copy rig. Maybe I can find one on Ebay.

    I will try and shoot a slide on my light table from the tripod. I
    have some Ilford Pan F 50 film.

    Will another film do better?

    Fred, Jan 19, 2004
  5. Fred

    Fred Guest

    I was wanting to use a photographic process to produce prints for
    display, if I could.
    Fred, Jan 19, 2004
  6. Fred

    Peter Irwin Guest

    Macro lens, light table, tripod - sounds good.
    You might use something like a short piece of mailing tube
    to keep the room light away from the slide so that you only
    get the light transmitted through the slide, but that's
    probably not a major concern.

    Pan-F sounds like a good choice. Let us know how it works.

    Peter Irwin, Jan 19, 2004
  7. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Fred, Jan 22, 2004
  8. Fred

    Fred Guest

    I set up a copy arrangment with a tripod on my light table. I made a
    black paper mask to cover the top of the table with a cutout the size
    of a slide, so slide was backlight with no other room light. I copied
    several slides on the last half of a roll of Ilford Pan X at 50 asa.
    Eventhough I bracketed 1 stop each way from my meter reading I still
    needed about 1 more f-top of exposure for a perfect negative..

    I just printed the negative of a color Kotachrome 25 slide of a sunset
    with about 1/4 of the sun over the horizon on the west coast USA
    (pretty contrasty situation) on 5x7 Ilford multi cold with a 2.0
    filter and it came out good with good detail. I can see grain in the
    5x7 print and after looking at the projected slide I think the grain
    is in the original slide. My 5x7 prints of other non slide negatives
    showed no grain at all, very chrisp from a 35mm camera. The negative
    seems to capture most of the range of contast of the Kotachromes.

    Overall I a very pleased as I shot mostly slides for personal from the
    mid 70's to mid 90's. I will be able enjoy prints from some of them.

    I have recently set up my darkroom. It has been in storage since the
    mid 70's. I am really enjoying it again.

    Thanks for your help.
    Fred, Jan 22, 2004
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