Paperport 8.0SE Question??

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by msb, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. msb

    msb Guest

    I just purchased a new Brother MFC and it came with paperport 8.0SE. My
    question is the program has a bar at the bottom called the send to bar to
    send scans to varoius programs for editting and printing and emailing. It
    lets me add programs, I am trying to add Paint Shop Pro 8.0 to the bar and
    it lets me add it but when I try to send something like a jpeg image to it
    it will open the file in Microsoft Photo editor instead. If anyone familier
    with the program would help I would appreciate it.

    msb, Jan 16, 2004
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  2. msb

    tomcas Guest

    I can offer some suggestions with Paperport but not the Brother driver.
    1.. Open Paperport. From the menu bar select -File, Links, Create New
    2.. Link Type. Chose the Image selection. Click Next.
    3.. Chose the executable and file path. In this case- c:\program
    files\......\Paint Shop Pro.exe . Normally you can just navigate thru the
    Program folders to find the executable. If you are unsure of the application
    's executable you can go to the Start menu, right click on the application,
    select Properties, Shortcut tab, then right click and copy the info
    displayed in the Target box. Now you can right click and paste the path
    directly into the info box, being sure to removing the quotation marks
    afterwards. Click Next.
    4.. Pick a Link name you will be able to recognize and differentiate from
    the original bad link. This is important especially if you should choose not
    to delete the bad link. In this case I'll choose- "Paint Shop - Jpeg". Click
    5.. Select all the formats that you want to be able to choose from later
    on in the your scanner driver ( I'm guessing here) In this case choose "JPEG
    image files (*.JPG)" and any other format, it doesn't matter which format
    but you have to choose something else besides jpeg or for some strange
    reason it won't work.
    6.. Choose a disposition for the Temporary files. The default is " Delete
    it only if it hasn't been modified.." . Choose Next.
    7.. Pick a min and max resolution. 75 to 2400 dpi should cover everything.
    Choose Next.
    8.. Pick an Icon type. Application is easiest. Click Next.
    9.. Select an Icon. Click Next.
    10.. Click Finished. You should now be able to see this link on the bottom
    of the PaperPort window. Scroll to the right if it's not visible.
    11.. Close PaperPort.
    12.. From here I'm lost as I don't have a Brother Scanner, but what I
    would expect is that you would select this new link as the default in the
    Brother driver.
    tomcas, Jan 17, 2004
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  3. msb

    msb Guest

    I've done all that but it still opens the file in photo editor instead

    msb, Jan 17, 2004
  4. msb

    tomcas Guest

    What model do you have?

    tomcas, Jan 17, 2004
  5. msb

    msb Guest

    I assume you are asking about the scanner, It's a Brother MFC3420C
    The computer is a Compaq Prosignia 330 running Windows 98.

    msb, Jan 19, 2004
  6. If I recall correctly this was the reason that when I install MS Office I
    specifically do not install MS photoeditor. No matter what program you
    specify to open animage MS photoeditor does it anyways. The easiest fix is
    to change your MS Office installation an uninstall the MS photoeditor. If
    you have PSP 8.0 you surely don't need it. The problem lays not in the
    scanning or PaperPort program, but rather in the MS Office program itself
    IMHO. I don't know what version your using and I think the last version of
    MS Office that I know this applies to for sure was Office 97 using win 98 as
    I've never installed that part of the program since then with newer versions
    or OS's. You might want to go into preferences in PSP 8 and make sure you
    have the file formats preferences set for them to open there.
    David C Miers, Feb 18, 2004
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