Paperport & Thunderbird Email program

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by Just Me, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Just Me

    Just Me Guest

    Is it possible to create a "Send To" link in PaperPort 10 for the
    Thunderbird mail program? And if so, how? The mail link currently is
    for Netscape but I want to use Thunderbird.
    Just Me, Feb 17, 2006
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  2. Just Me

    mgfv43 Guest

    You'll have to delve into the entrails of Thunderbird to see how it
    works before trying to mess around with PaperPort.

    If Netscape is at all like Mozilla then you should be able to learn
    from that.

    PaperPort does not provide links to web-based email services.

    Don't forget, the real use of the link is to convert a file fro
    PaperPort into a format you want to email. If all you want to do is to
    attach an existing file, most people get by with drag and drop to the
    email software.

    mgfv43, Feb 17, 2006
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  3. Just Me

    tomcas Guest

    I have version 7. This is what I do-
    1.Open Paperport. From the menu bar select -File, Links, Create New
    2.Link Type. Chose the Image selection. Click Next.
    3.Chose the executable and file path. In this case yours might be-
    "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe"
    Normally you can just navigate thru the Program folders to find the
    executable. If you are unsure of the application's executable you can go
    to the Start menu, right click on the application, select
    Properties,Shortcut tab, then right click and copy the info displayed in
    the Target box. Now you can right click and paste the path directly into
    the info box, being sure to removing the quotation marks afterwards.
    Click Next.
    4.Pick a Link name you will be able to recognize and differentiate from
    Click Next
    5.Select all the formats that you want to be able to choose from later
    in the OneTouch Control Panel ( this may not be your scanner driver -so
    I'm not much help beyond this point. "JPEG image files (*.JPG)" and any
    other format for effect.
    6.Choose a disposition for the Temporary files. The default is " Delete
    it only if it hasn't been modified.." . Choose Next.
    7.Pick a min and max resolution. 75 to 2400 dpi should cover everything.
    Choose Next.
    8.Pick an Icon type. Application is easiest. Click Next.
    9.Select an Icon. Click Next.
    10.Click Finished. You should now be able to see this link on the bottom
    of the PaperPort window. Scroll to the right if it's not visible.
    11.Close PaperPort.
    12.Open OneTouch Configure either thru Start, Programs, PaperPort,
    OneTouch Configure or by right clicking on the OneTouch Control task bar
    Icon. Again, if this is not your driver, I'm sorry but I'm lost beyond
    this point.
    13.Select the Email tab. Click on the Preference Tab (pointing hand
    icon) located on the far right. Choose the Button Tab. Click on Select
    Destinations:, and because you have chosen JPEG as a format you will
    have to select Graphic Applications or All for the new link to appear
    instead of Email Applications. Click OK.
    14.Now select the Email Tab. On the left hand side of the window choose
    your newly created Icon for your Destination Selection. If is not
    showing,select an Icon with the same executable as the one you created
    and then click on the Options button on the lower left hand corner.
    15.Select your new link then click the Options button. With any luck you
    should now be able to select different formats to use. Select JPEG and
    click OK.
    tomcas, Feb 18, 2006
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