Part for a Kodak Retina III-C

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by Bob Coppedge, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. Bob Coppedge

    Bob Coppedge Guest

    I have a Kodak Retina III-C and one of the very small screws that hold
    the flash shoe on the top of the camera has come out.

    Does Anyone know where I might be able to get a replacement screw that
    holds the flash shoe to the camera? There are a total of three screws
    that hold the shoe in place.

    Thanks in advance.

    Bob Coppedge.
    Bob Coppedge, Jan 3, 2004
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  2. Bob Coppedge

    Paul W. Ross Guest

    Have you tried a GOOD photo shop, or camera repair shop? Some years
    back I found a small screw missing in a Pentax Spotmatic lens. I was
    able to get a nice assortment cheap of small screws at a supplier for
    watchmaking stuff in town. I still have about 200 assorted screws....
    Paul W. Ross, Jan 3, 2004
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