Partially Off-Topic - Recovered AV Files Corrupt. How to Restore Them?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Hunt, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Hunt

    Hunt Guest

    This is partially off-topic, but does involve AV files, so I am posting,
    asking for any suggestions from this learned NG.

    I have recovered about 400 AV files from a HDD crash. The files are mostly
    AVIs, with some MPGs (different flavors) and WMV. The file sizes look about
    right, but none will play. G-Spot finds "File Type: Unknown" and "Mime Type:
    Unknown." It appears that the header info in all of the files is stripped,
    corrupt, or otherwise "messed up." The initial recovery, using Stellar-Phoenix
    FAT/NTFS Recovery "seemed" to go well, but I am left with unusable AV files

    All of my Googling has yielded a ton of "recovery" utilities, but all seem to
    be only aimed at recovering Deleted files, or files that need to be initially
    reclaimed, and not recovered files, that have been corrupted. While I have not
    tried every one, obviously, I have yet to find any that can recover/rewrite
    the header data.

    Does anyone have the name/URL of a utility to "restore" the recovered files?
    I still have the DV tape on some, but others have come to me from outside
    sources, so a re-capture of many is out of the question. Many were originally
    captured from VHS and had quite a lot of noise-reduction, and some were
    commercially captured from 8/S-8mm film. I'm trying to get the DV's (I think
    most were transferred to DV) of those.

    If worse, comes to worst, then I'll just re-capture what I can, and supplement
    the missing footage with stills, or similar. Any suggestions would be greatly
    appreciated. Also, as a possible cure in the future, all of the assets are now
    on a RAID 5 storage unit, with more frequent DVD-DL backups, but I'm still
    missing several years from the life of a family member.

    Thanks for your ideas and suggestions,
    Hunt, Feb 6, 2007
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  2. Hunt

    Elan Magavi Guest

    hmmm.. Stellar Phoenix failed then I am not sure what to suggest. It
    appears that real holes were punched in the data rather than the file
    allocation getting munged.
    Elan Magavi, Feb 6, 2007
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  3. "Hunt" wrote ...
    If the header info is truly "stripped", you are likely in deep
    yogurt. It could be very tedious to try to pick through each
    file to guess what the header should have been. OTOH, if
    you simply don't have the file blocks in the proper order,
    maybe the header is in there somewhere and you just need
    to search for it?
    Richard Crowley, Feb 6, 2007
  4. Hunt

    theDVshow Guest

    Assuming you have a PC, there are a few video recovery software apps
    out there..have you tried:

    On Divfix, load file, and choose Rebuild Index, when it is done, file
    should be repaired. This works to watch incomplete avi files, and to
    repair corrupt ones. But remember to alter a copy (not the original)
    if it is an incomplete and you plan on resuming download at a later

    Here are a few more to consider:

    Brian Alves

    Listen to the only Podcast that
    answers listener questions related to digital video:
    theDVshow, Feb 7, 2007
  5. Hunt

    Hunt Guest

    Thanks Brian,

    I'm off to try some of the URLs and see what comes of it. I appreciate the
    responses and will do a follow-up, if I am successful with any of these files.
    As I stated in the original post, most can just be recaptured (those will be
    the ones that get "fixed!"), but some, I'd love to re-build, so as to not have
    to track down the source files from a dozen relatives and friends.

    Thank you for the pointers,
    Hunt, Feb 8, 2007
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