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Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by John Deas, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. John Deas

    John Deas Guest


    I would like to use photoshop to edit a texture I am making which
    includes several components: a diffuse map and a normal map. I created
    two 512x512 tileable textures (diffuse and normal) in another software
    (MapZone), and tiled it in two different layers in a 5120x5120
    photoshop document. The problem is that the repetition of the 512x512
    pattern is immediately noticeable, and I would like to randomize a
    little this.

    My question is, how can I copy/displace the same zones of two
    different layers ?

    This way the normal map would continue to correspond to the good
    elements of the diffuse map, even if some disorder has been added

    Thank you for your help !

    John Deas, Oct 5, 2007
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  2. John Deas

    John Deas Guest

    I should mention I am using photoshop CS3
    John Deas, Oct 5, 2007
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  3. John Deas

    ronviers Guest

    Hi J.D.
    Does Mapzone have a randomize parameters option that will allow you to
    generate a texture that might be easier to work with? Some patterns
    work well with the healing/patch tools used in conjunction with the
    offset filter but due to the various surface maps you are working with
    I don't think that will help.
    I find that macro patterns are difficult to predict when working with
    tileable textures.

    Good luck,
    ronviers, Oct 5, 2007
  4. John Deas

    tacit Guest

    Make a 512x512 selection.

    Use the Offset filter in one layer, then immediately apply the same
    Offset filter in the other layer.
    tacit, Oct 5, 2007
  5. John Deas

    John Deas Guest

    I would have to do this manipulation several time, and the result is
    not what I expected. What I would like to do, ideally, would be to
    have 'filter/pattern maker' randomize my 5120x5120 diffuse map and
    then aply the exact same transformation to the normal map. However,
    each time I apply the pattern maker it displaces thing randomly so I
    can not reproduce patterns.
    Is there any way to achieve this ?
    John Deas, Oct 6, 2007
  6. John Deas

    granny Guest

    open your Window> History pallet.. down or up to the Pattern Maker you
    want to use (if you just used it then it should already be selected in
    blue)..Right click on it.. select "New Document" at the bottom of the
    fly out..

    The new document should automatically be named "Pattern Maker"... you
    can now drag it onto the original file and it will become a new layer
    just as the original filter did

    name it and save it if you want
    granny, Oct 6, 2007
  7. John Deas

    granny Guest

    OOPS.. forgot to add... If you go to anywhere else in the history other
    than the last item... REMEMBER that after you make your new document,
    return to the original image history and select the LAST Item on it to
    continue where you left off in the original image

    OR.. if you just created the pattern then simply go to the bottom of the
    History Pallet and click the Icon on the left "Create New Document From
    Current State"
    granny, Oct 6, 2007
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