PD-150 Extended Warrantee?

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Christopher R, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. My experience with computers is that they generally fail right away if they
    are going to. Is this the same with camcorders?
    The seller is trying hard to sell me an extended warantee on the PD-150 they
    are sending me.
    Christopher R, Aug 21, 2003
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  2. Camcorders can have defects "just out of the box", after a few days (or soon
    after), or long after - but since these use tape (use one brand only/ever for
    greatest reliability...), wear and gunk build-up can require occasional
    service work. If the supplier of the warranty does GOOD service work, a
    $200 5 year service contract that includes yearly cleanings can be worthwhile,
    I guess (I've never "collected" on mine...;-).
    David Ruether, Aug 21, 2003
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  3. Christopher R

    Ron Charles Guest

    I have used the MACK extented Professional Wattanty (I paid $135 USD for 4
    years) and they have always reimbursed me within 8 weeks for all repairs
    done to my Canon, Sony, and Panasonic 3 chip MiniDV cams, even when they
    were fixed in Europe and Asia (at authorized service centers). You can buy
    these within 14 days or so of the camera purchase, and they sell either
    directly or through many retaillers.
    Ron Charles, Aug 21, 2003
  4. Christopher R

    Andys cam Guest

    Don't leave home without one! I strongly recommend extended warrantees with
    camcorder purchase. I have never been behind on any camera warrantee. I bought
    2 VX1000s in 1996 and have had over $1500 in service for the $164 and $179
    warrantees. One service usually pays for the cost of the paper. Do some
    research, as some plans are much better than others. I love the 5 year one you
    can get with a gold or better VISA (not available with MasterCard).
    Andys cam, Aug 23, 2003
  5. The best part about an extended warranty for me, is being able to
    use a camcorder in the field, in whatever conditions prevail and know
    that I'm not the one who will be paying the bill if it goes south.
    It's like having medical coverage, only for your equipment. The only
    unit of mine that never needed extended warranty repairs was my Sony
    TR700. All the others have been given numerous fixes and some
    eventually added up to more than the original cost of the camcorder.

    The warranty companies make their money just like all-you-can-eat
    buffet restaurants. I eat ten times worth what I pay (my feeding habits
    inspired the cafeteria scene in "Animal House"). But, many other
    customers do nothing but pick away like birds at a salad. Most people
    who buy extended warranties never use them and in fact, half those who
    buy camcorders probably take them out of their cases only a couple times
    a year. However, if you plan to use yours long and often, you'll never
    regret paying for that extra coveage.

    It's nice that it's so easy and relatively cheap to get extended
    warranties on pro gear nowadays. In years past, they were mainly
    limited to consumer models and they had exclusion clauses for anything
    used for professional, business and institutional purposes.

    Steve McDonald
    Steve McDonald, Aug 23, 2003
  6. Christopher R

    notjustjay Guest

    (Hey all, I'm back after months of inactivity due to workload... and I
    recently got a brand new toy to play with, a VX2000 from B&H, saving me
    some 30% off what I'd have paid here in Canada...)

    Steve (and others)

    Are there any particular repairs that come up often? Or are you referring
    to purely accidental/incidental issues?

    I am a hobbyist, so I chose to skip on the extended warranty on the
    VX2000, which I hope I can justify by the fact that I don't use the camera
    all that often. Having to pay for repairs on it will probably not be fun,
    so if there are particular usage habits, etc. that I can avoid, all the

    Thanks guys! (I'm really loving the VX2000, having upgraded from a
    Digital8 and a TRV25... thanks to David Ruether and Paul Tauger for
    telling me how much I'd love it...)
    notjustjay, Aug 23, 2003
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