Pentax Digital ist and Pentax manual lenses.

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by Denny B, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. Denny B

    Denny B Guest

    I have a few Pentax 35mm bodies my Pentax lenses
    are all K mount totally manual lenses. I am interested
    in purchasing a Pentax Digital body the Pentax ist.
    I understand that I will have to manually focus and manually set
    the f stops.
    Will the Pentax ist be able to use all the light meter functions
    using the manual lenses?

    Thanks in advance
    Denny B
    Denny B, Dec 11, 2005
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  2. Denny B

    Tony Polson Guest

    KA lenses work with all metering functions fully operational on the
    *ist D, DS, DS2 and DL. You get focus confirmation too.

    With K and KM lenses, and M42 lenses used with an adapter, you have to
    use Hyper Manual mode. With the *ist D, you first have to set a custom
    function to allow the camera to work with lenses that are not in the
    "A" position. Obviously, K, KM and M42 lenses don't have this
    position. You only need to do this once, after which your *ist D will
    always work with lenses not set to A. It will still work with A
    lenses set to A.

    To get the correct exposure, you select M mode on the camera and
    choose your aperture using the aperture ring on the lens. Then press
    the green button, which stops down the lens to your chosen aperture,
    takes a meter reading and sets the correct shutter speed. It's a
    one-shot aperture priority AE. Pentax call it "Hyper Manual".

    It sounds complicated, but it isn't. After you press the green button,
    all subsequent shots are taken with the same shutter speed. If
    lighting conditions change, you just press the green button again and
    get another shutter speed.

    With the *ist DS, DS2 and DL, the principle is exactly the same, but
    the procedure is slightly different. I have the *ist D so I haven't
    had to concern myself with how the other models differ. But I know
    they all have a form of Hyper Manual for use with pre-A lenses.

    I hope the explanation helped. Actually using it is far more simple
    than trying to explain it!

    Tony Polson, Dec 12, 2005
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  3. Denny B

    dtong22 Guest

    To get the correct exposure, you select M mode on the camera and
    I have DL and have been playing around with an M42 lens. To set it up
    to Manual it has been hit and miss. Majority of the time I cannot even
    set the aperture ring as it is stuck at full open (wide) position.

    Somehow it has a great pay-back. In low light situation, I can focus
    and use shutter speed only to shoot. With the dinky built in flash, I
    have been overexpose even at 1/180 . I do not even have a meter and
    just rely on histogram to figure out the shutter speed. Sort of like
    groping but it worked.

    In day time, I have no problem as the shutter speed can go up to

    It is fun. Denny go for it even you have even lesser problem giving all
    yours are K mount.

    dtong22, Dec 12, 2005
  4. Denny B

    Denny B Guest

    Tony, thank you for your reply. I think I am
    beginning to really understand that my lenses will work on
    the *ist body.

    This is what I have.
    Pentax Bodies.........MX........KX.........SuperME

    1)Lenses..............Pentax-A 35---105 f3.5 when you
    press a small black button near the A which is next to the f22
    it clicks into the A mode and stays there, you have to press
    the small black button again to unclick it from the A mode.
    I believe what I have discovered is this lens has an "A"mode.
    Do I now understand correctly that this lens will operate in ANY
    light metering mode on the *Ist body?

    2) Other lenses I have, all for the Pentax bodies above are.
    Tamron SP 90mm f2.5 it has an AE--f32 mode , next to
    the f22 stop. I take it that this lens too has an AE mode.
    Do I now understand correctly that this lens too will operate
    in ANY light metering mode on the *Ist body?

    3) Another lens.....Tamron SP 35--80mm f2.8, f3.8
    it too has a AE--f32 mode.
    Do I now understand correctly that this lens too will operate
    in ANY light metering mode on the *Ist body?

    4) My other lenses....Pentax 50mm f1.4
    5)............................Pentax 28mm 3.5
    are manual lenses and do not have the "A" of 'AE" modes

    Tony if I understand you correctly these two lenses only work
    in the "automatic stop-down method" or
    one-shot aperture priority AE. Pentax call it "Hyper Manual".

    Thanks kindly.
    Denny B
    Denny B, Dec 13, 2005
  5. Denny B

    Guest Guest

    The lens has A (or AE) setting: yes, it's a very good lens !!
    Full automatic, no autofocus, AF work as focus-aid.
    Adataptall KA or fix KA mount ?
    Yes for both, very good lens.
    AE: yes, lens unknow.
    Work in manual mode.

    Guest, Dec 13, 2005
  6. Denny B

    Tony Polson Guest

    You're welcome. Let us just be clear here that we are discussing
    using these lenses on an *ist D Digital SLR body.

    The *ist is the latest Pentax 35mm film SLR. The range of lenses it
    can accept is much more restricted than the Ist D DSLR.
    You can tell it is an A lens because it says "SMC PENTAX-A" around the
    front element. K mount lenses prior to this had "SMC PENTAX" or "SMC
    PENTAX-M". Like any A lens, with the aperture ring in the A position,
    your 35-105mm will work in all modes on the *ist D.

    It is a superb lens with excellent sharpness and a smooth rendition of
    out of focus elements of the shot. It is probably my favourite Pentax
    lens on 35mm film, but the wide end becomes a less useful equivalent
    52.5 mm focal length on the *ist D.
    Whether this lens will work in all modes on the *ist D depends on
    which Tamron adapter is fitted. Look at the lens mounting flange. If
    it has PK/A engraved on the face it will work in all modes. If it says
    PK or PK/M it will only work in Hyper Manual.

    Once again, please be sure we are talking about the digital *ist D and
    not the 35mm film *ist, which I repeat is more restrictive.
    Basically, pre-A lenses won't work with the film *ist.

    The fact that a Tamron lens has A on its aperture ring does not make
    it a Pentax-A compatible lens - that compatibility only comes from
    using the correct Tamron Adaptall adapter for Pentax KA.

    My experience with the Tamron 90mm f/2.5 was mixed. It produced
    erratic exposures when used with the Tamron PK/M adapter in Hyper
    Manual mode but worked faultlessly in all modes with the PKA adapter.
    The same comments apply as for the 90mm f/2.5. All depends on which
    Tamron Adaptall adapter is fitted.
    That's correct. Don't forget that you first have to set a custom
    function that allows you to use lenses at any aperture setting other
    than "A". You only need to do this once.
    Tony Polson, Dec 14, 2005
  7. Denny B

    Denny B Guest

    Tony, thank you for your reply. I will study the info
    and try to digest as much as I can.

    Denny B
    Denny B, Dec 15, 2005
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