Pentax Digitals To Be Re-Badged as Samsung??

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by Jeremy, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. Jeremy

    Jeremy Guest

    I read something on last night about Pentax withdrawing one of its
    digital camera from distribution after having been out for only 6 months,
    and that Samsung was introducing what was essentially a Pentax digital
    camera model badged as a Samsung. I was in a rush and didn't have time to
    study the details. Perhaps this is old news to everyone else.

    I am stunned. When considered in the context of the news of the past
    year--Bronica ceasing production, Hasselblad selling off its remaining old
    stock of classic bodies and lenses and restricting production to that new
    plastic digital model (with Hasselblad-branded lenses--not Zeiss--probably
    manufactured in the Far East rather than Germany), with Kyocera dumping the
    Contax line of 35 and 645 bodies and those excellent Carl Zeiss-designed
    lenses, with Leica seemingly on the brink of being forced into bankruptcy,
    with Konica Minolta getting out of the camera business after recently
    merging, and with Nikon announcing that they will be selling only two bodies
    (one of which is manufactured for them by Cosina), it seems that Pentax is

    Even though the newest Pentax bodies I have are the P3n and P30T
    models--from the late 80s--I always felt a sense of comfort knowing that
    Pentax was still there, introducing new models regularly. Now I'm beginning
    to feel that we Pentax users are about to be orphaned.

    One of the posters on commented that people should get their 67s
    while they're still available. Geez, what is the world coming to? Even
    Erwin Puts recently commented that the demand for classic Leica silver
    halide photography has dwindled to the point that Leica's future would
    depend upon how well its soon-to-be-introduced digital model was accepted.

    I have that nagging sense that film cameras in a few years will all be cheap
    Chinese knockoffs, like Vivitars (or, God forbid, Zenits made of plastic!).
    Lenses will no longer be the precision optics that they have been, but will
    be plastic and breakable with the slightest impact. Film cameras to 35mm
    will be like Seagulls are to MF--Chinese and chintzy.

    It's all very unsettling.
    Jeremy, Mar 9, 2006
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  2. Jeremy

    Mark Roberts Guest

    The ist-DL is being replaced by the ist-DL2. Minor updates.
    Two models, the GX-1S (a rebadged ist-DS2) and the GX-1L (a rebadged
    They're selling the Samsung models in *addition* to the Pentax
    equivalents. This just allows them to increase overall production and
    move cameras through retail chains that don't currently sell Pentax.
    It's a win-win scenario.
    Relax. Pentax and Samsung have an agreement in which Pentax will
    supply optics and camera design expertise and Samsung will provide
    electronics R&D and manufacturing capacity (and marketing clout). The
    new 10 megapixel DSLR is the first product of that cooperation.
    Mark Roberts, Mar 9, 2006
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  3. Jeremy

    Gordon Moat Guest

    I have read a few items on this issue. It sounds more like some markets
    will have the Pentax name, while other markets will have the Samsung
    name, though using the same body and electronics. It might end up that
    Samsung transitions all this to eventually only use their name. This is
    not terrible, since Samsung have a great deal of experience making
    imaging chips, and considering all their other businesses should be able
    to stay in the market.

    Kyocera was in much deeper shit than just their camera division. Leica
    actually increased sales by 9% in the last quarter, so it seems they are
    getting stable. Unfortunately, I doubt Leica will ever again be anything
    more than a very small niche, though if they were smarter about this
    they could attract some professionals. The emphasis on collectors has
    gone on too long, and has hurt the company. When I read about nearly
    1000 Zeiss Ikon body sales a month since introduction, then I know Leica
    are going the wrong direction.

    I think none should be surprised about Konica Minolta. The merger was
    more for the office products market than anything. It almost seems like
    inevitable that they would stop camera production, though it seems that
    division has some value for lens production to other companies.

    Nikon is down to the F6, and a few manual focus lenses. I think they are
    a victim of their own older build quality, in that there are just too
    many good quality used lenses and recent film SLR bodies still on the
    used market. Funny that Zeiss steps in to provide some interesting new
    manual focus lens choices for Nikon.

    What I think a few professionals are worried over is the end of Pentax
    medium format. Other than showing a 645 based digital body, it seems
    there has been little interest in continuing.

    Take a look at the sales figures for Leica, and you will find that sport
    optics and consumer compact cameras have fuelled revenues far greater
    than M or R system sales. They have crawled by on selling to consumers,
    largely trading on their name and past reputation. I think the market
    potential of very high priced "collectors items" cameras has nearly been
    filled, and competes too much with their cameras of the past. Read what
    Erwin Puts had to say about the MP, then the "a la carte" program, and I
    really do agree with him.

    Really disagree with that. There are simply too many really good used
    choices still on the market. Want high quality new lenses, then get the
    Zeiss ZF, ZS, or even the ZM lenses. I even think that low cost 35 mm
    SLR photography is still quite alive, because of all that good used.
    gear. That volume of used gear is why these companies are getting out of
    new film camera sales, except for just enough niche products to satisfy
    Gordon Moat, Mar 9, 2006
  4. Jeremy

    Tony Polson Guest

    It might be worth pointing out that the 10 MP sensor is made by Sony,
    and is (almost?) identical to the one used in the Nikon D200.

    On the other hand, it might not be worth pointing that out.

    Tony Polson, Mar 10, 2006
  5. Jeremy

    no_name Guest

    Any hint when it will announce?
    no_name, Mar 11, 2006
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