Pentax Lens Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by \Lou\, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. \Lou\

    \Lou\ Guest

    My old Pentax FA 28-80 is in need of a $100 repair bill and I'm looking
    at replacing it with a Pentax FA 28-105. Pentax Currently has 2 in the $200
    range. One is a f3.2-4.5 and the other is a f4.4-5.6. Obviously there are
    other differences, for example, the lens/groups construction and the filter
    size. But for only about $10 difference which one is the overall best.

    Is there a third party AF lens in the f28 - 80/105 that I should consider
    that would be better for my $200. Thanks for the advice, Paul
    \Lou\, Jan 27, 2004
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  2. \Lou\

    Bill Cory Guest

    If you really want a perfect lens for family and friends look for a used
    35-135mm. They have been out of production a long time but it's worth
    the effort to find one.
    Bill Cory, Jan 28, 2004
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  3. \Lou\

    \Lou\ Guest

    Thanks for your thoughts but I'm really want a zoom that starts at 28mm.
    \Lou\, Jan 28, 2004
  4. \Lou\

    Mark Roberts Guest

    The people on the Pentax mailing list speak very highly of the old Power
    Zoom 28-105. (See You may find one
    second hand somewhere. I bit heavy but reportedly excellent optics.

    I've had very good experience with the Sigma 28-135/3.8-5.6 (though I
    sold it when I got a 28-70/2.8) which can be had for well under $200
    these days. If you can tolerate some pincushion distortion at the long
    end it's worth trying.
    Mark Roberts, Jan 29, 2004
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