Pentax PEF file format changes each time for a new DSLR model?

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by RiceHigh, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. RiceHigh

    RiceHigh Guest

    Whilst I am really excited to see a new lineup of Pentax DSLR to come,
    I am disappointed that to see the RAW file format of this new DSLR has
    probably been changed, again, as in the recent two years. The fact is
    that the "PEF" RAW file formatS of the *ist D, *ist DS, *ist DL are all
    different, i.e., 3 different formats, despite they are just all called
    the PEF. Now it seems that the fourth format is coming!

    I have just downloaded the "PEF" files of the coming new Pentax DSLR
    K-100D (tentative name) from the following Russian links listed:-

    I found that this new PEF is somehow DL's one alike but now that the
    AWB information cannot be retrieved anymore by the Silkpix!(?). Thus,
    it would mean that a fourth format is created by Pentax! It can be
    retrieved by *my* Pentax PHoto Browser 2.11 but again it cannot be
    opened by *my* Pentax Photo Lab 2.10 for the *ist DS (Do note that the
    PPL 2.1 for the DS is DIFFERENT from the PPL 2.1 for the DL, despite
    Pentax have never told this. What an amazing software version numbering

    But I just wish to ask why this is needed?? Do Pentax really need to
    change the "PEF" file format each time for a new DSLR? What is/are the
    benefit(s) for doing so?? Well, at least I know this would cause much
    inconvenience for the old users and software vendors.. just because of
    the *always* changing of file format is causing incompatibility problem
    from time to time.

    Ironically, I chose Pentax in the 80s because Pentax *was* the best
    company who committed in ensuring the best possible backward and
    forward company in those days. Thus, this was a very good reason for me
    to enter into their system. But now..

    Anyway, this reflects the attitude and responsibliness of a company, to
    a very high extent.

    RiceHigh, Apr 16, 2006
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  2. RiceHigh

    John Bean Guest

    On 16 Apr 2006 04:24:41 -0700, "RiceHigh"

    [snip anti-Pentax rant]
    Buy a Canon, they don't do this sort of thing... right?

    Oh dear, I see they do. And so do Nikon. Well would you
    believe it - RH talks bullshit again. Nothing changes.
    John Bean, Apr 16, 2006
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  3. RiceHigh

    Pete D Guest

    OMG, different sensor but you would expect that they could get that right??
    Mate your absolute stupidity astounds me.
    Pete D, Apr 16, 2006
  4. RiceHigh

    Pentax Fan Guest

    He made a valid comment about the file format - only someone like you would
    construe that as a 'rant'

    Nothing changes<

    As you are still sneering and bullying RH, I agree, nothing does change.

    Have you got long to live?.......
    Pentax Fan, Apr 16, 2006
  5. RiceHigh

    tomm42 Guest

    Each different sensor & internal processor requires slightly different
    instruction set so you get every camera has a different RAW file. This
    is a problem as some manufaturers are excluding older cameras from
    their RAW editors, thus making those cameras totally obsolete but
    unuseable too.. There is a movement to get RAW processors using a
    universal file typeto process. So far Leica and Hasselblad are
    accepting the Adobe standard. Other camera makers continue to redo
    their RAW instruction set with each camera.

    tomm42, Apr 16, 2006
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