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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Pam, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. Pam

    Pam Guest

    I am trying to increase exposure to my photo that is entered in a contest.
    It seems the contest is determinded not on quality, but on quantity of
    votes. If you are so inclined, please have a look and leave a vote, please.


    Pam S.
    Pam, Aug 10, 2003
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  2. Pam said:
    In that case, it is not a "photography" contest at all, but a contest
    to see who is best at drumming up support by asking for votes on
    usenet groups and mailing lists.
    Gareth Kitchener, Aug 10, 2003
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  3. Pam

    Pam Guest

    And is that so horrible? It's votes from your peers. I am not asking for
    all '10's'...just trying to increase the exposure of my photo.

    Pam, Aug 10, 2003
  4. Pam said:
    It's not "horrible".... just rather pointless.
    If you win, it won't be because your photo was good. Isn't the point
    of having a "photography" contest to see who has the best photo rather
    than who has the best canvassing skills or most online contacts?
    Gareth Kitchener, Aug 10, 2003
  5. Pam

    Pam Guest

    It's not "horrible".... just rather pointless.
    Call me dense - I still don't get where you are coming from. If the jury
    was a panel of judges, then one would not bother. But it's not, it's a
    panel of one's peers. Kinda like the Top 10 in music, you know? So I have
    to do some self-promoting to get my stuff seen - hey, there are worst ways
    to get ahead in this life.

    I guess I could put my stuff out there and sit back and wait to be noticed.
    But that is not a reality in my opinion.

    Thanks for looking,

    Pam, Aug 10, 2003
  6. Pam said:
    It was this comment from you:
    Surely the whole point of a "photography" contest is the quality of
    the photography?
    Gareth Kitchener, Aug 10, 2003
  7. Pam

    Matti Vuori Guest

    With all her spamming she's going to get plenty of votes, but the lowest
    ratings ever -- hopefully sending a clear message to the organizers so that
    they stop making such stupid contests that cause people to make a fool of
    Matti Vuori, Aug 11, 2003
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