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Discussion in 'Photography' started by cherylp, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. cherylp

    Cats Guest

    Without trying to find out if that was what the OP wanted and/or was
    capable of. What if all they wanted was a quick fix to a problem? In
    fact none of us know if they simply wanted a quick fix, but some of
    their posts suggested they were pretty naive users of both windows and
    image editing software. The OP seems to have vanished which is hardly
    surprising considering some of the discussions about CS3 vs Gimp and
    so on that have been going on.

    What problem exactly do I have? Not agreeing with you? That's not a
    problem so far as I am concerned. I believe your adherance to
    suggesting the OP go the CS3 route is bad advice. You haven't managed
    to change my mind, but you are entitled to give that advice and I am
    equally entitled to say that I believe it's bad advice - and I have
    taken the trouble to say *why* I believe it's bad advice.
    Cats, Jul 19, 2008
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  2. cherylp

    Joel Guest

    I think you start shooting wild here. Joel doesn't care what the OP wants
    or capable of (and just incase you forgot what the OP said later), because
    what Joels suggests is very valid.
    Denying! yup! denying is the problem you have. No you don't have to
    agree with me, but you have to agree with what your head tells you. That's
    your other problem because of the denying.
    No, I don't want to change your mind (not even try to think what in your
    mind), because it's your problem not mine or anyone else.
    You don't even know what beyond the InfanView to see the difference
    between good vs bad advice.
    Joel, Jul 20, 2008
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  3. cherylp

    Cats Guest

    If you don't care what they want or are capable of how can you offer
    them good advice?
    In your view.

    Astonishing. You have no idea what editing software I normally use,
    nor what the quality of the images I produce is, but you feel you are
    able to say I don't know what there is beyond IrfanView.
    Cats, Jul 20, 2008
  4. cherylp

    Joel Guest

    A good advice is a good advice, knowing how to take advantage of the good
    advice is their responsibility. Just like Cats can't see the difference.

    Just like I am telling Cats she is too blindly to see beyond the
    InfanView, but she still don't get it.
    Yes, in my view, and it could be yours *when* you be able to get out of
    the thick shell of denying.
    I don't care what software you normal use, but I can see what you telling
    us. Do you realize I am not God?
    Joel, Jul 20, 2008
  5. cherylp

    Cats Guest

    If the OP wanted to go beyond resizing and cropping I would not
    suggest IrfanView, but for what they said they needed to do it's a
    fine and free tool.
    Cats, Jul 20, 2008
  6. Apparently you in fact do believe that you are god. You can read minds,
    you are paranoid as hell about the validity of your opinions, you
    believe only your opinion counts. Sounds like god to me.

    I'll try to put this in terms you understand:
    Apparentemente lei in realtà non credo che tu sei Dio.
    Potete leggere le menti, siete paranoici come l'inferno su
    la validità delle sue opinioni, si crede che solo il tuo
    opinione conta. Suona come dio a me.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening.
    Usenet Police, Jul 20, 2008
  7. cherylp

    Joel Guest

    If you wish me to be your God then I am more than glad to make you happy.
    Just call me God and start worshipping from now.
    Les toranous atez lietremousen petas ils wenderiente motchen wonterenta
    eta tobethengus.
    Joel, Jul 21, 2008
  8. cherylp

    Joel Guest

    And I didn't suggest the free tool to do sizing to cause Cats' brain goes
    Joel, Jul 21, 2008
  9. cherylp

    cherylp Guest

    Wow! I didn't mean to start arguments here. I have not been back to
    this site in several days because I've been away. To update you, the
    people who will be working with my photos says that Irfanview got them
    into an acceptable format for them, and they'll take everything from

    Thanks to everyone for the comments and assistance with this.
    cherylp, Jul 23, 2008
  10. cherylp

    Joel Guest

    It's very normal on Usenet, that was the reason why when we first started
    with newsgroup/forum way back in the 80's it required real name (at least
    from the BBS or Node), and each forum/group had a HOST to deal with the
    Stupid Jerk. Or no faked name allowed, no jerking around because s/h/it
    will get kicked out of the forum/group for good. It's until Internet get
    more popular then Usenet Cops popped out (many us us call them the Stupid
    Jerks) using many different name's/nick's.

    Yes, most if not all people can work with JPG and most if not all graphic
    programs support JPG.
    Joel, Jul 23, 2008
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