Photo Printer Recommendation Wanted

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by John, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. John

    John Guest

    I've been looking for a photo printer and don't know what to start. I've
    seen the type that require special cartridges and the "printer-like" styles
    that take what look like print cartridges.

    I've always liked HP printers and am leaning towards the HP Photosmart 375.

    Any recommendations?


    John, Dec 19, 2004
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  2. John

    Bill Crocker Guest

    I agree...the Canon i960 is an excellent printer. However, it's been
    discontinued, and discounted, and it's Christmas time, so it may be next to
    impossible to find one.

    If you can go the extra bucks, check out Canon's new PIXMA iP8500.

    Bill Crocker
    Bill Crocker, Dec 19, 2004
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  3. John

    zog Guest

    well I only wanted 6x4 prints so I when with an Epson Picturemate, ok it
    uses one large 6 colour cartridge, but that will do 100 prints, results
    are stunning( to me anyway), as good or better than anything I used to
    get with the old film camera.

    prints are water and smudge resistant straight out of the printer, so no
    worries in handing the prints around, and yes I tested a couple of
    prints by running them under the tap, they just wiped dry, no runs,
    smudges whatever, the prints are also archival quality thanks to the
    Ultrachrome inks, last up to 100years under glass

    also the printer has a multicard reader built in, so it will read
    practically any card on the market and even usb key drives, I put a few
    pictures on the 256m drive and plugged into the printer, it found the
    pictures and printed them.

    and you don't need to have the printer plugged into a computer to print
    pictures, and when you do have it plugged in the multicard reader is
    handy because the computer just sees it as another drive.
    zog, Dec 20, 2004
  4. John

    bob Guest

    Start by identifying your needs:

    How many prints?
    What sizes?
    What speed?
    How much are you willing to spend?

    For my needs, taking photos out (to Wal-Mart, CVS, Wallgreens, or
    whereever) is faster and cheaper. Your needs could easily be different.
    In my case, for right now, I think that making large prints might be the
    only reason I would want to own an inkjet.

    bob, Dec 20, 2004
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