Photo Printer Suggestions?

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Helen, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Helen

    Jeff R. Guest


    Read (if you can) my reply to Allen's observation. (another post)
    Then - you can come back here and apologise for your foolish assumptions.

    Doug, did you even *read* my post to Helen?

    For my purposes, the R800 is fine.
    Better than fine, its excellent.

    "Magazine quality" as applied to your standards maybe.
    "Why bother"? I take it that's your attitude to "reading", too, huh?
    Jeff R., Oct 6, 2008
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  2. Helen

    Jeff R. Guest

    By *your* definition, Alan.

    My proofs don't require it.
    Heck - they could be B/W and still function as proofs.

    ....for my purposes.
    Jeff R., Oct 6, 2008
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  3. Helen

    ray Guest

    I'm not a 'pro', but I'd suggest you also consider the cost of
    consummables i.e. ink. That can be a major deal if you do much printing.
    FWIW the Kodak all-in-ones claim to have an ink cost about 1/2 of the
    ray, Oct 6, 2008
  4. Helen

    tony cooper Guest

    I could use CVS, but I've been satisfied with Walgreens. Costco and
    Wal-Mart are not as convenient for me so I have used either.
    tony cooper, Oct 6, 2008
  5. Helen

    tony cooper Guest

    s/b: have not used either.
    tony cooper, Oct 6, 2008
  6. Helen

    Helen Guest

    I've considered everyone's suggestions, and they were all great. I
    will probably go with an online printing service. I'll do some
    investigating and price checking, but thanks to everyone who took the
    time to help me.
    Helen, Oct 6, 2008
  7. Helen

    Alien Jones Guest

    (Ray Fischer) wrote in
    Well now that's debatable, Ray.

    How about we all make prints in our favourite way and have this
    conversation in about 80 years? That's the only way we'll know if the
    projections about life expectancy carry any truth.

    The trouble with your therory Ray is that today, HP claim a 200 year
    print life using HAHNEMUHLE BAYRATA paper. Colour or B&W.

    This stuff looks exactly like the old fibre paper we used to glaze on a
    stainless steel sheet. (Glazing machines).

    I bought one of the first Epson Stylus (Pro) photo Printers in
    Australia. They claimed then a print life of 25 years. They lied! More
    like 25 months.

    Canon tried the 25 year print life line with their early photo printers.
    They lied too. More like 25 days in an airconditioned room.

    From nearly 40 years in the industry, I can tell you plenty about how
    long prints last. B&W chemical print life expectancy depends on way too
    many variables to make sweeping statements like you just did.

    Water quality is just one variable as is the washing process to rid the
    paper of fixer. How many times have you cut short the 30 minute wash to
    get the print finished?

    Today, Epson have lost ground to HP when it comes to archival B&W
    prints. Until last year, Epson r2300 and larger printers were the
    leaders in mono printing. Hugely expensive when changing tanks to go
    from gloss to matt and problematical with lint under the print head.
    They still produced stunning monochrome prints.

    HP "Z" series designjets have blown them away with everyting to do with
    wide format printing. Monochrome included. HP also put out a desktop
    using the same pigment system in A3+ capacity for under $1200.
    Alien Jones, Oct 6, 2008
  8. Helen

    Alien Jones Guest

    Hey dick head... Image thief.

    You want make an idiot out of yourself, that's your problem... One of
    them anyway. If you want to play in the kitchen be sure you can stand
    the heat. Only an idiot like you tries to make out they have a clue and
    go on to proove they don't.

    When are you going to remove the images on your web site you stole from
    me? Only a loser steals other people's property and sets out prooving
    they're an idiot. You and your theiving swine of a mate Mark Thomas are
    a great pair. Do your "friends, family and clients" know you steal other
    people's photos?
    Alien Jones, Oct 6, 2008
  9. Helen

    tomm42 Guest

    If you are looking for b&w this limits your choices, the least
    expensive printer with decent b&w is the HP B9180, which is not a bad
    choice (this could go for the HP B8850 too but I haven't seen b&w from
    that printer). Epson's K3 ink set (Stylus 2880 and Epson 3800) is
    known for producing excellent b&w. With multiple grey/black inksets
    the quality of inkjet b&w rivals traditional methods. Both of these
    printers have Epson's new heads which greatly reduce if not eliminate
    head clogs.
    I bought a printer because I wasn't happy with the results of my local
    big box store printers and I have never liked sending out negatives/
    files. Also very few printers actually use b&w paper for b&w prints so
    there is always a slight color cast. Expect to pay pro printing prices
    to get a printer who knows what to do with b&w.
    Don't be scared of the overall costs of a 17inch printer. As it has
    been stated because of the volume of ink you receive the cost of an
    Epson 3800 or a Canon iPF5100 (on sale which is frequent) is about the
    same (within $100) of the 13inch model. With my Canon, printing 4x6's
    4 across on 17 inch paper the cost is $.25-$.30 per image, for a 16x20
    $6-$9 depending on what paper I use. These aren't bargain basement
    loss leader prices, but not pro lab prices either. With large ink
    tanks the possibility of the whole set of tanks running out at once is
    low, expect your light magenta, light cyan, light grey, and grey tanks
    (with b&w) to go first, but this may not be until several months of
    printing. I keep an eye on my ink levels and buy when colors go below
    20%. Currently the ink in my Canon has been in for a year and is
    starting to run out, so I have bought the light colors, but standard
    colors are still at about 50% full. You will never run out of ink on a
    weekend, if you keep your eye on the ink levels.

    tomm42, Oct 6, 2008
  10. Helen

    Alien Jones Guest

    Actually it's an Internationally accepted method of proofing the final
    product. If you want to try to re-invent the wheel, do it in private. That
    way you'll have half a chance of not looking like the idiot you are.
    Alien Jones, Oct 6, 2008
  11. Helen

    Alien Jones Guest

    Actually it's an Internationally accepted method of proofing the final
    print before commiting it to often expensive printing.

    If you want to try to re-invent the wheel, take your hand out of your pants
    first then do it in private. That way you'll have half a chance of not
    looking like the idiot you are.

    BTW when are you going to take the photos you stole from me off your web
    site, thief.
    Alien Jones, Oct 6, 2008
  12. I have the Canon Pixma iP4300 (current model is I think iP4500) and am very
    pleased with it. It cost around 130 euros, it has 5 tanks
    (cyan,magenta,yellow, photo black and document black). It prints 4X5" photos
    in cost comparable to photo labs (I get a packet of genuine Canon "Everyday"
    use glossy paper 100 sheets 4X5" for 10 euros;add maybe another 10 cents pro
    photo for ink costs, and that makes it roughly 20 euro cents pro photo. Ink
    costs 12 euros pro tank, and has 13 ml (the document ink is 26ml). I printed
    200 photos of my niece's baptise and had to change (all but black)inks only
    once. It can also print documents on both sides, automatically (the printer
    flips them over by itself), it has a permanent paper cartridge for A4
    (letter), it can also print printable cds and dvds. The largest print size
    is A4 (letter). It has the smallest droplet in its category, and is
    therefore very economic with ink.

    Tzortzakakis Dimitrios, Oct 6, 2008
  13. Helen

    ray Guest

    That is a distinct possibility. It is impossible to tell from the OP
    exactly what the requirements are.
    ray, Oct 6, 2008
  14. Helen

    Bruce Guest

    That's a little unfair. If you don't have something, it is difficult
    to be sure what it could do for your photography, and just how
    worthwhile owning one would be.

    This could be an expensive purchase. It makes sense to learn as much
    about the pros and cons of ownership before spending hundreds of
    dollars on an expensive machine that consumes expensive ink.

    So, if you don't have any experience yourself, it makes sense to ask
    others, and that is what Helen has done here.

    There is an added complication here, which (ironically) has perhaps
    not been fully addressed in the advice given, despite being clearly
    stated. That is Helen's requirement for black and white printing.

    My experience of online services is that they are generally good for
    colour, but variable (at best) for black and white. I use an Epson
    printer for black and white and it gives far more consistent results
    than the online services.

    While the advice to use an online service is generally sound, for
    black and white work I think it is well worth buying a printer for
    home use. The Epson 2880 would be very suitable. I use a 2400 but
    will upgrade to the 2880 at some point in the next few months.

    I also have a conventional darkroom and still feel that black and
    white film and traditional printing gives the best results. But for
    most purposes, a good quality printer such as the Epson will come
    close enough.
    Bruce, Oct 6, 2008
  15. Helen

    Helen Guest

    Alan is correct, as I mentioned in a reply on this thread, most of my
    work is b&w. I also asked if archival prints are possible.
    Helen, Oct 6, 2008
  16. Helen

    Helen Guest

    Thanks Bruce. I was given the same advice by tomm42 who suggested the
    Epson Stylus 2880 and Epson 3800. I did a lot of research and they
    sound impressive. They cost more than I expected, and as a result
    I'll have to save up for it.
    Helen, Oct 6, 2008
  17. Helen

    Bruce Guest

    You're very welcome. I was faced with the same decision a couple of
    years ago and it wasn't an easy one.

    They are worth every penny. You will not be disappointed with the
    results of either of those two. To put it another way, if you are
    serious about black and white, nothing cheaper will be good enough!

    I still prefer film, though. And the archival quality is guaranteed,
    based on long experience, not on a highly theoretical model of ageing
    processes. ;-)
    Bruce, Oct 6, 2008
  18. Helen

    Jeff R. Guest

    ...and your point?

    Silly man. I am using proofs to show people what the pix look like... before
    I commit myself to expensive printing. Colour accuracy is irrelevant (as
    stated ad nauseum before). My "clients" know the colours will be OK - I
    don't make pix available otherwise. My "clientele" knows that.

    "What Doug believes" does not necessarily equal "Internationally accepted."

    I wish you wouldn't be vulgar and sexually offensive, Doug. Apart from
    disappointingly conceding your own defeat in the debate, it lowers the tone
    of the group. Yes... I mean that.
    What? You mean this: ?

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Look Doug... do the Manly thing.

    Or... file the papers. Engage the law. Get my site shut down.
    I really don't care if you do.

    That page will be back up within the hour. You, of all people, should
    realise that domains are throwaway commodities nowadays. I'm currently
    parking three (spread across two ISPs) which I'm not using. You go ahead
    and shut down my site, and I'll simply transfer to another. It'll be up
    before an hour is over. Heck - you've inspired me. I think I'll go and
    upload it all right now. Yes, I will. Therefore Doug: Shut me down. Do
    your worst. As soon as you do, I'll advertise the alternative site. Then
    do it again. ...and so will I.

    This nonsense could go on ad infinitum, or you could do the Manly thing,
    Jeff R., Oct 7, 2008
  19. Helen

    Alien Jones Guest

    Just goes to show what feral idiot you are. It wouldn't matter what I or
    anyone else did or said, you'just do as you please like a good hoon.

    No regard for the law, no principals, no ethics, just FTW aproach to
    everything. What a swine of a person you confess to being.
    Alien Jones, Oct 7, 2008
  20. Helen

    Jeff R. Guest

    No, Doug.
    I'm just telling you how I will respond to your impotent threats and your
    ongoing stalking campaign.
    Oh! ...and I do have a principal (sic), but we're both on holidays this
    Unlike you, I have principles as well.

    Put an end to it now, Doug.

    Do the Manly thing.
    Jeff R., Oct 7, 2008
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