Photobucket problem?

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Carrie, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Carrie

    Carrie Guest

    I tried to sign in to my Photobucket account just now, it keps saying
    'incorrect user name or password". I know my username and password.. I tried
    "forget password" but it said they have no account of my username. Same with
    my email address.
    I checked on here because I had recently posted links to pictures I had
    uploaded to Photobucket, and they still open. So, the account/album is still
    I'll try again later. I don't have the cap locks on and typed it in
    carefully. It's sort of like The Twilight Zone, maybe I'm not really here or
    Carrie, Apr 9, 2012
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  2. Carrie

    Carrie Guest

    Okay, I just tried it a few more times and now it works... Internet
    Carrie, Apr 9, 2012
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  3. Carrie

    Voivod Guest

    Do you always babble like an imbecile?
    Voivod, Apr 10, 2012
  4. Carrie

    Ulysses Guest

    Okay, I just tried it a few more times and now it works... Internet
    I know the feeling. When mad at the computer,
    I slap the monitor, bang on the keyboard,
    stomp the floor and yell at the computer to wake up and listen
    we all treat our computers like they are human
    Ulysses, Apr 10, 2012
  5. Carrie

    Voivod Guest

    Yes, you know abject stupidity well.
    Putting the blame on inanimate objects. Do you kick the cat too?
    No, those of us with triple digit IQs treat them like the technology
    they are.
    Voivod, Apr 10, 2012
  6. Carrie

    Carrie Guest

    when I first got a computer (1998, seems like a long time ago now, and
    like I've always had one) I was writing something about this and someone
    said there had been a study where they found computers reacted to the
    moods./feelings of the one using it.
    I used to think (and maybe still do) you have to show the computer you
    know what you're doing, of pretend you do. Like sit down and hit keys and
    do something, in a confident way. I remember when they first were getting
    popular (computers) must have been back in the dos days, being at Sears
    (store) in a room with computers around for people to look at, and a little
    kid sitting down and hitting keys and bring things up and doing something on
    one. I also remember when our libray changed from the cardfile system to
    computer (they called them terminals, set up to look things up) I thought
    I'd never find anything in the library (by looking it up) again. I'd get
    stuck and the librarian would come and hit a few keys and bring it up.
    We have to remember who is the boss (me or this hunk of plastic, cables
    and circuits)
    Carrie, Apr 11, 2012
  7. Carrie

    Voivod Guest

    Just like plants...
    You've never thought, not once.
    They were first getting popular in the 1980's almost twenty years before
    your stupid hands ever fucked one up.
    That's because you're a fucking idiot.
    Quite often the boss IS dumber than the employee.
    Voivod, Apr 11, 2012
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