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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Someguy469, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Someguy469

    Someguy469 Guest

    Someguy469, Feb 26, 2011
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  2. Someguy469

    Michael Guest

    I passed on the blog and looked at the pictures. Some good, some not. A
    lot of the architectural stuff was plagued with bad verticals. If you
    can't use perspective control, pass on the pictures. I recognized some
    from Rockport, MA and they looked like the tourist pictures anyone can
    take with a DSLR that autoexposes and autofocuses.

    A few were really good pictures.

    So... the gallery needs some critical editing. Cut out the stuff that
    was taken by the camera and leave in what was taken by the photographer.
    Michael, Feb 26, 2011
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  3. Someguy469

    Pete Guest


    Under the section "Time and Patience":

    "This image of the water drop took over 200 tries and over two and a
    half hours of time before I was satisfied with this final shot."

    The 200 tries demonstrates patience, but the two and a half hours kinda
    dismisses the "Time" aspect of the title. It takes a lot longer than
    two and a half hours to become proficient at something. 200 tries in
    that time could be relying on statistical probability rather than
    acquiring a skill - digital is *the* enabler for this approach.

    It reminds me of the computer programming book "Teach Yourself C++ in
    21 Days". Everyone who gets frustrated with products that either don't
    work properly or work as we would expect should read this book. The
    less interested you are in programming, the more it will explain why I
    recommend the book.
    Pete, Feb 26, 2011
  4. Someguy469

    Someguy469 Guest

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree.....I have to edit it.
    Someguy469, Feb 27, 2011
  5. Someguy469

    otter Guest

    I didn't go through all of it, but what I saw looked good to me.
    otter, Feb 27, 2011
  6. Someguy469

    David Kerber Guest

    Nice turn of a phrase!
    David Kerber, Feb 28, 2011
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