photography in brisbane

Discussion in 'Photography' started by L R P, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. L R P

    L R P Guest

    anyone into photography in brisbane? i am looking to get more into outdoor
    photography and would like company now and then for some outings.
    L R P, Aug 14, 2005
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  2. L R P

    Murray Guest

    Getting back into B&W stuff myself after 40y. :)

    Are there clubs etc like there used to be?
    With scanning one hardly needs a darkroom these days
    I suppose but the interpersonals and meetings
    certainly encourage enthusiasm.

    Just did my first development tonite. APX 100 in Rodinal 1:100
    Looks great to the eye. Soon see if it matches th old KB14 and FX1!


    Murray, Aug 17, 2005
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  3. L R P

    Dave Guest

    40 years? Impressive. I thought I was an oldie, currently rescanning
    my b&w negatives from the '70s. I doubt that there's many clubs like
    there used to be. Having said that, my old club - Edinburgh
    Photography Society is still in existence.

    I haven't been a member since the early '80s but the meetings did
    encourage enthusiasm. Having your 16 x 20 inch prints criticised in
    front of an audience of fellow members can be upsetting but necessary
    if you want to learn about composition etc!

    Going all-digital revitalised my photography, but scanning those old
    negatives again is fun, rather like a time machine.

    Dunno what the light is like in Brisbane, but in Scotland there's days
    when you just have to wait on it changing to get a good outdoor shot.
    Blue skies with lots of clouds drifting by... Good.

    regards Dave.
    2220 hi-resolution photos especially Edinburgh
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    * délété david to use email address *
    Dave, Aug 17, 2005
  4. L R P

    Murray Guest

    Scanning is what go me going again. I intended to
    scan all my negs from when I got my 1st 35mm camera
    in 1953. I now know it is a hopeless task. Anyway -
    who cares?

    I got to 1958 and am running out of steam. Scanning is

    What it did tho is rekindled the old fires a bit.
    I had honed the skills down to thin films and
    stand developers. I read and still have the original
    articles by Crawley in BJP and cooked up the FX series
    of developers with ADOX films. Even with a Minolta 16
    the results were amazing. I made a cutter to get
    120 films down to 15.5mm for a real cheapskate
    exploration there.

    What killed my enthusiasm for developing/printing
    was the fact that when we came to Queensland the
    tap water temps were way too high for using straight
    tap water. I was OK with warming solutions up - but
    ice to cool them down was a real chore.

    With my revived interest I bought some russian cameras -
    copies of cameras I could'nt and can't afford even now.
    There is a FED a Zorki 4 (Leica copies and a couple of
    Kiev 4 and 4a (contax copies). They have their problems
    but that's all in the fun. Not much money involved.

    The sun is bright here. My new (old) CdS meter
    which does incident light as well is a great help
    especially when the FED 'Elmar' copy (actually
    a Tessar copy) maxes out at f3.5. The Jupiter 8
    is better at f2.

    Developed the APX100 last night in Rodinal 1:100
    with plenty of 'stand' time but decided I have to go
    to the slower films again. I see one can get ADOX
    still under other labels.

    Mostly the daytime EI is 15 which makes life easier
    than it is for you. My early days were in Dunedin
    - the other end of the earth to Scotland! :)
    Light could be a problem there which is why I was
    tempted away from a Retina 1a and Contaflex to jap
    cameras with big 'eyes'. Good lenses all the same.

    Have 2 digital cameras now and am constantly surprised
    how good they are. Without the hassles. OTOH there is a
    lot of satisfaction in doing things the 'old' way
    where everything you do (eg like the last step in
    wiping the film before it dries) is important.
    I do like the way software allows you to experiment
    the gamma curves etc without using sheets and sheets of
    paper before you get an acceptible print - even a small
    one. I found a 10 x 14 of my then fiance the other day
    and that really reminded me of the work you had to do
    to get something you'd be proud to show anyone -
    especially a camera club!!! The grand children love
    it too.
    Enough from me - my scotch glass is empty :-(

    Murray, Aug 18, 2005
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