photolab with photobridge / shopping cart system for US/Canada thatallows prices set by the artist

Discussion in 'Photography' started by David Geissler, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. I liked the idea of this photographer:
    He is furtherly recommending
    maybe you find this article interesting too:

    I further recommend Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich (bestseller since
    1937, you might find it as a free ebook here or there)

    Now after lurking a little, I have a first question myself:

    Is there an offeror (I'm actually sure there is a many, but which one is
    really good in terms of quality and conditions) that uses a photobridge
    through which an artist / photographer can sell his own pictures as
    prints? What is required is a system where the prices can be set from
    the offering photographer's site. In Europe there is f.ex. pixaco (but
    doesn't allow customized prices) or which allows an
    artist to define his own prices and they just charge the seller/the
    artist their regular price as commission so to speak and he can keep the

    As I'm not sure what you might understand under the term photobridge:
    A shopping cart system which can be linked from the artist's gallery and
    which allows the visitor of that gallery to order prints from a photolab
    which gets the original print size models from the artit's websites and
    gives the artist commission or control over price / transaction.
    The photolab that is prospected for should ideally be willing to ship to
    whole US, maybe Canada as well, take care of the whole order/payment
    process and transfer the artist's earnings oversea or by electronic
    means like paypal.

    Any ideas what companies to check out?

    Thanks a lot.

    David Geissler, Apr 24, 2007
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  2. David Geissler

    jrblack10 Guest


    I just got set up my self, to sell pictures online. What I found to
    be the best for me, just starting out trying to make some extra cash
    with my photography hobby, is [http://]. You can set your own prices, pricing groups,
    package groups, etc... They have a free software application to set
    up and customize your online galleries, prices, taxes, shipping, and
    more. They use something called LabTricity, where you can set up
    accounts with their partnered labs (across the US) and when orders
    come in you electronically transfer the order and picture files to
    them, they print up the order and ship it out, to you or to the
    customer directly. Quite nice. All this so far is free. Unlimited
    storage, bandwidth, etc. The catch is they, PhotoReflect charge 15%
    of your order (they take that 15% off the top). They also handle all
    the CC processing for the order, so they keep an additional 3% of the
    order. You get paid the rest from them.

    Now I do this on the side, not my full time job or income. So there
    may be better options out there for a photographer that photography
    more as a full time job. These other options, usually have a monthly
    or yearly fee. But like me, if your not sure what you will sell if
    any, PhotoReflect was a good choice to start.

    PhotoReflect seems to be focused on event photography, sporting
    events, weddings, portrait photo shoots, etc. Not for fine art or
    selling to corporate business for advertising and such.

    jrblack10, Apr 26, 2007
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  3. Thanks for the hint, thanks a lot, I will check the out!

    Best Wishes
    David Geissler, Apr 26, 2007
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