Photos Can't Escape It, Either

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Paul McAleer, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. Paul McAleer

    Dave Head Guest

    That too is simplistic. You don't have to eat a lot to be really fat.

    All you have to do is to let your muscle mass get low. Muscles burn calories.
    If you get to the point where you are only burning 1800 calories a day from
    muscle mass, you don't have to eat a lot to be piling on a pound every 10 - 15
    days. 1 McDonald's hamburger (250 calories) too much may give you a pound
    every 15 days. It'll get turned into fat unless you're working your muscles to
    build them up. Most people don't work their muscles like that. Most people
    are way more than 1 McDonald's hamburger beyond an 1800 calorie a day diet.

    And 1 McDonald's hamburger _isn't_ all that much calories. How about Hardee's
    new monster burger at 1400?

    Dave Head
    Dave Head, Jan 28, 2005
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  2. Paul McAleer

    TheWebJunkie Guest

    The art of photography is about MORE than just exposure, focus, depth of
    field, filtering, lighting, composition, and cropping. It is highly
    about subject matter. Otherwise identical beachscapes -- one including
    an ordinary "every-day" woman and the other including a "beauty queen"
    -- one including an affluent family on vacation and the other including
    poor native children -- convey completely different messages; they are
    different pictures.

    It is the obligation of the photographer to examine the contents of his
    frame before snapping his shutter to make sure that it does not contain
    anything that will detract from the intended meaning of his picture.
    Likewise, it is up to the picture's audience to understand that a
    narrow-minded interpretation -- or NO interpretation -- of the subject
    matter is NOT an indication that the photographer screwed up by not
    noticing who was in his foreground.

    This is a photography forum. We should either emphasize interpreting
    the pictures, or we should constructively criticize them (the pictures),
    NOT the subjects.

    On the other hand, it IS a damn shame that anyone would allow her ass to
    get that big.
    TheWebJunkie, Jan 28, 2005
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  3. Paul McAleer

    Prof Brown Guest

    I have never heard of a comedy porn movie but the above message
    certainly outline the scenario for one. Can you just imagine how
    hilarious this would be.

    Prof Brown
    Prof Brown, Jan 29, 2005
  4. Paul McAleer

    Colin D Guest

    Jesus, Prof, have you never heard of snipping or trimming redundant
    material? All that just to put three lines of comment.

    Colin D, Jan 29, 2005
  5. Paul McAleer

    Hugh Jorgan Guest

    And people wonder why people top post.

    Hugh Jorgan, Jan 29, 2005
  6. Paul McAleer

    RSD99 Guest

    HeHeHeHeHe ...
    RSD99, Jan 29, 2005
  7. Paul McAleer

    Lady Veteran Guest

    Hash: SHA1

    We can shoot trolls...can't we?


    - ------------------------------------------------------
    I rode a tank and held a General's rank
    When the blitzkrieg raged and the bodies stank

    - - - - Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil
    - ----------------------------------------
    Today's mighty oak is yesterdays nut that held its ground.

    - - -unknown
    - ----------------------------------------

    Version: PGP 8.1 - not licensed for commercial use:

    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
    Lady Veteran, Jan 30, 2005
  8. Well, I'm ashamed to say it, but I have all the posts regarding the beach
    picture, and I find the attitudes on both sides of this extreme. The woman
    in the photo is not that freakin' big! I mean, she's plump to be sure, but
    plump and round and soft is attractive, to me at least. And that's what it
    boils down to: personal preference. If you find overweight people ugly,
    that's your view. If you find skinny people ugly, also your opinion. If you
    find red hair bothersome or green eyes to be icky, that's okay. No one has
    to tolerate being insulted or bashed, but we should try to understand that
    our individual opinions are ours alone, and no one has to get nailed to a
    tree because a group of people find fat un-attractive, whether that group is
    the majority or not.

    About the picture: not bad. Good feeling of action, and the contrast of the
    running boy and the contemplative couple make this a fairly strong
    composition. I would have liked to see the man and woman both looking out
    toward the ocean in profile, possibly holding hands, but I'm nit-picky.

    So now that we all know that we each have our own individual ideas of beauty
    (and we should be VERY glad of that) we can now get on with our lives and
    take some beautiful pictures.

    And just for the record, YES I'm overweight. I like to eat. I'm also
    healthy. No high blood pressure, no heart disease. I do have a back injury
    that limits my activity somewhat, but that would hurt overweight or not. I
    have a lovely wife who weighs about 150lbs less than me, and we can **** all
    night with no problems. ;)
    Lyons Den Photography, Feb 5, 2005
  9. Paul McAleer

    Paul McAleer Guest

    I want to publicly apologize to the groups crossposted.

    There is some chucklehead who has been using anonymous Usenet posting
    services for the past few months, posting under my name and using old,
    abandoned email addresses that either were mine or are similar to mine.
    This can be easily proven by looking at the headers for each message.

    The material posted is fully copyrighted, published elsewhere, and is
    being reposted without my permission.

    I haven't posted to Usenet in years, and I also remember that
    respecting the groups' you were posting to was simple netiquette.

    Thank you, and again, my sincere apologies.

    - Paul
    Paul McAleer, Feb 12, 2005
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