Photoshop 5.5 v. 7.0.x

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Dan R, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. Dan R

    Dan R Guest

    I am buying a Nikon D100 this week (hopefully). So, I decided to load up my
    Photoshop. It is version 5.5 and I see the current version is 7.0. My
    question is should I go ahead with the 5.5 and upgrade down the road (when I
    can afford it) or will the frustration going from 5.5 to 7.0 be too great? I
    would like to think they are very similar and it will be an easy transition
    to the new version down the road. Please let me know if the difference is so
    great I should just start with 7.0. Also, learning Photoshop, are there any
    online tutorials? I thought about looking for a dummies book. Any
    suggestions appreciated.

    Dan R.
    Dan R, Sep 2, 2003
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  2. Difference between 7.0 and 5.5 is big. Not so much about work flow
    but about additional tools 7.0 has. It has healing brush which is
    by itself already worth upgrade. It has few other goodies but to be
    honest I don't remember right what 5.5 had and what it didn't have.
    But as I said.. it has few goodies and if you can afford go with
    upgrade to 7.0. If you can't then just install 5.5 which you have
    and you can still upgrade later then. Even 5.5 is much better then
    anything else you can find. And as I also said, workflow with 5.5
    and 7.0 is same. It has same menus (7.0 have few additional things),
    it has same tools (7.0 have few additional ones) etc, so if you will
    get used to 5.5 it won't be problem to switch to 7.0 when you will get
    money for upgrade.
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    Primoz Jeroncic, Sep 2, 2003
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  3. have you looked at any other Cameras.
    A friend of mine just returned his d 100.

    Long shutter delay, poor metereing and poor TTL where his main points. He is
    lookig at the Canon 10d

    I shoot with a 1 Dx and would jump over to canon if I could afford too.
    Jason Elliott, Sep 3, 2003
  4. Dan R

    Norman Worth Guest

    Yes, there are big differences and improvements. But that shouln't keep you
    from loading up Photoshop 5.5 and using it until you can upgrade. 7.0 is
    pretty much backward compatible with 5.5.
    Norman Worth, Sep 3, 2003
  5. Dan R

    Posie Guest

    Here are a few links to online tutorials that are excellent.,24330,3503629,00.html,24330,3450077,00.html,24330,3509149,00.html

    You might have to register for the last link, if it doesn't open for you go

    I hope these are of great help to you. I use photoshop 7.0. I love the
    program but am using only a small fraction of what it has to offer. I am
    learning all I can about the program ( I am self taught) I used the program
    to optimize my photos on my website link below. I especially used the
    program for the photos on the variety page.

    Posie, Sep 3, 2003
  6. Dan R

    rbryan Guest

    What an awesome site! REALLY nice pics, I am impressed!
    rbryan, Sep 12, 2003
  7. Dan R

    Dan R Guest

    maybe "reply to group" rather then "New Post" would keep your message in the
    same thread. Just a thought.

    <<Friendly smile>>

    Dan R.
    Dan R, Sep 15, 2003
  8. Dan R said:
    Maybe a better usenet client would have recognised it was in the same
    thread and kept it there? Just another thought.

    <<another friendly smile>>
    Gareth Kitchener, Sep 15, 2003
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