Photoshop CS2 versions and installation

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by ChrisM8834, May 21, 2005.

  1. ChrisM8834

    ChrisM8834 Guest

    I'm about to purchase a legitimate Photoshop CS2 from an online seller,
    and want to have a couple of questions clarified first. How many
    different versions of CS2 are available in the US, and how are they
    identified? With CS already installed on my PC, is it possible to
    install CS2 without uninstalling CS? IOW, is it possible to run CS and
    CS2 side by side? Thanks.
    ChrisM8834, May 21, 2005
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  2. ChrisM8834

    C Wright Guest

    Since your version question seems to apply just to Photoshop and not the
    whole CS suite I believe the answer to your question would be that there are
    two - the the full version (for those not upgrading from a previous version)
    and the upgrade version. The upgrade version has everything that the 'full'
    version does, the only difference is that it expects you to have a
    registered previous version.
    The default install routine for CS2 is to install in a folder with CS2 in
    the name so as to leave existing installations alone. So, yes, you can
    install CS2 and continue to run it with CS side by side.
    C Wright, May 21, 2005
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  3. ChrisM8834

    Tacit Guest

    Adobe CS is available in "standard" and "professional" versions (the
    difference being that the standard version does not include all the
    components, such as Adobe Acrobat Professional), and with "upgrade" and
    "full install" licenses. Cross-platform upgrade licenses are also
    available, though only directly from Adobe.
    CS2 Standard Upgrade, CS2 Standard Full, CS2 Professional Upgrade, and
    CS2 Professional Full.
    Yes. Installing CS2 will not disturb or in any way affect your existing
    CS installation.
    Tacit, May 21, 2005
  4. ChrisM8834

    Hunt Guest

    As stated, you can have both versions on your machine, as I do on the laptop,
    though I have never tried running both simultaneously. On a workstation, I
    even still have 7.0.1 and 4.x (a single client needs an effect whose method
    was changed in v5), and all function quite well.

    One caveat is to the "legitimate" nature of the copy you are buying online. If
    it is from an actual re-seller, all should be good, if not, and it is a German
    "OEM," or somesuch, you might not be able to register it, even if they do
    provide you with a key, or a crack. What you get will most likely be
    predicated directly on how much you spend for the program. Check out the
    online seller, if you have any doubts.

    Hunt, Jun 2, 2005
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