Photoshop CS3 and Canon 60D

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by PeteR, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. PeteR

    PeteR Guest

    I'm considering upgrading my Canon 40D to a 60D but I concerned that
    Photoshop CS3 may not be able to read the 60D's RAW files.
    I'm happy with CS3 (or more the point I can't afford upgrading to CS5/6
    *and* buy the camera) but if there isn't a RAW update for the 60D and CS3
    then I probably won't buy the camera, not yet anyway.

    Any facts about this out there?
    PeteR, Oct 25, 2010
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  2. You are correct that CS3 will not directly read the 60D raw files, ever!
    But there is a easy and free way to get them into CS3. Adobe give away
    their Raw to DNG converter. Down load the latest version, convert the
    RAW to DNG and CS3 will be able to process them just fine. And
    converting to DNG in no way compromises the data in your RAW files.
    Even though my version of Photoshop supports all my cameras, I always
    convert my RAW files to DNG and though not favored by some, I discard
    the RAW files.

    Good Luck

    John Passaneau
    John Passaneau, Oct 25, 2010
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  3. PeteR

    Guest Guest

    Get the free DNG converter, then CS3 raw will be good to go.
    Guest, Oct 26, 2010
  4. PeteR

    hbj Guest

    EOS 60D won't be supported in CS3.
    It is only in ACR 6.2 0r 6.3 (=CS5)

    Sorry, but the 60D is a perfect camera and worth the upgrade to CS5 or
    LR 3

    hbj, Oct 27, 2010
  5. Adobe considers CS3 to be an obsolete version. After the next version is
    out they will never issue an update for any prevision version. They will
    also never issue a update to camera raw for anything but the current
    version of Photoshop.
    This is the long term policy of Adobe. You have 2 choices, 1 use the
    free DNG converter to convert to DNG and then CS3 will be able to load
    the photo or 2 used the software that comes with the 60d to convert to a
    file that can be loaded. I would suggest TIF. This has some
    possibilities as Adobe doesn't read anything but white balanced from the
    camera. If you say shoot [email protected] in camera when you load it into Photoshop
    it will be in color. My opinion its better to do things like that in
    Photoshop but many people are infatuated with the various camera styles
    that their camera produce.

    Note that my upgrade from CS4 to CS5 cost $100, if you wait to CS6 to
    upgrade you will be required to pay the full cost as Adobe will only
    upgrade 3 versions back.

    Photo shop user since version 6

    John Passaneau
    John Passaneau, Oct 27, 2010
  6. PeteR

    PeteR Guest

    Thanks for the information. I might wait a bit for the camera and upgrade to
    CS5 now.
    PeteR, Oct 27, 2010
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