Photoshop/Microsoft Word Question

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Yitz, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. Yitz

    Yitz Guest

    Does anyone know how to extract embedded images from Microsoft Word?

    Thanks - this will help me a lot.

    Yitz, Oct 27, 2003
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  2. Open the Word document, click once on the image to highlight its frame,
    press Control-C (or used edit/copy) to copy the image to the clipboard, then
    paste (Control-V) it into whatever or wherever you want it to go.

    Cornucopia Smith, Oct 27, 2003
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  3. Yitz

    J C Guest

    The copy/paste procedure can sometimes ruin the image.

    The better method is to produce a PDF from the Word document, then
    open that PDF in PS. With this method, what you see in the Word doc
    will be what PS displays.

    -- JC
    J C, Oct 27, 2003
  4. Yitz

    Yitz Guest

    Thanks. The Copy and Paste only keeps it at 72dpi I believe. I will try the
    PDF method.
    Yitz, Oct 27, 2003
  5. Yitz

    Eric Gill Guest

    That is precisely the right way. However, bear in mind that Word applies
    heavy JPEG compression and changes the colorspace to RGB, so the results
    may be (probably will be) dissapointing anyway.
    Eric Gill, Oct 27, 2003
  6. Yitz

    JP Kabala Guest

    You can try this--- if Word is configured correctly, it will work
    Right click on the image in Word and, if whomever installed word
    on the machine in the first place did their job right, you should see an
    called "Edit Picture"-- this will call up an image editor, whichever one is
    in your tools>options

    If , however, it is grayed out, go in to tools>options and try to change it
    to your
    preferred editor (Photoshop?) BUT
    It is entirely possible that you may not be able to change the editor if you
    haven't installed
    all the appropriate seervice packs.

    Then you have tyo go to the Microsoft site, download all the service packs,
    and change the

    It was a major screw up with Office XP

    As an alternative, if you have screen capture software, zoom as large as you
    can on the
    screen do a screen grab, save that, and edit that in Photoshop
    JP Kabala, Oct 28, 2003
  7. Yitz

    J C Guest

    I just recently rescued two images from Word. The author of the Word
    doc said they were digicam pics which I took to assume meant they were
    JPG. Since the Word file size was rather small I think I guessed

    BUT,I wonder if you can change the Distiller driver that Word uses to
    create a PDF so that the conversions you mentioned do not occur. You
    ever tried that?

    -- JC
    J C, Oct 28, 2003
  8. Yitz

    Eric Gill Guest

    Yes. I always use the modified press settings I faked up for, well, offset
    press - no downsampling or compression. It's Word, not Acrobat, mangling
    the pics.
    Eric Gill, Oct 28, 2003
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